Sylar vs Tad

Sylar is back and while he does have a lot of abilities, defeating Tad may be a difficult feat. Tad has his powerful Poliwhrath who was even able to take on a foe as powerful as Charizard. Not to mention that he’s fast as well and he can dish out a lot of damage. Sylar drops down the blog ranks with this loss. Tad wins.

24 thoughts on “Sylar vs Tad

  1. Seriously? Sylar has this one easy. He’ll regenerate any damage Poliwrath can deal in seconds, destroy him with electricity (or Telekinesis, nuclear powers… take your pick, but electricity is the most blatant one given Tad uses a water-type…) then steal his powers to top it off. Not only is there physically no way he could lose this, he’d actually be stronger afterwards!

    • I dunno, Sylar’s regeneration is good, but Poliwrath will just punch the energy out of him. There isn’t much to regenerate since it’s not a major injury, but it still hurts a lot. I don’t think he could endure many hits like that. Sylar has a lot of abilities, but I don’t think he’d be fast enough to hit Poliwrath with them. Poliwrath is a better close range fighter and I think his speed would be the deciding factor in this round

      • He regerates stamina too. And he’s way faster than Poliwrath. Plus, he could just fly into the air and blast him with electricity, sonic waves or telekinesis. Or turn into Tad so Poliwrath doesn’t know who to obey. Or turn him into gold with one touch. Seriously, don’t underestimate Sylar

      • To an extent, but you can never totally regenerate stamina. Also this regeneration seems a lot more limited than most. He can’t heal severed limbs so that’s a pretty big disadvantage. Poliwrath just needs a good blast to break him and then he wouldn’t be able to regenerate. Sylar is tough, but most of his abilities won’t work because he won’t be fast enough to hit Poliwrath.

      • He can, it’s been shown. And Poliwrath wouldn’t get a chance to wound him anyway. Sylar’s faster than Poliwrath and wouldn’t need much more than one surge of electricity to defeat him. But he has so, so much more than that. He wiped out a city with an atomic blast once in a parallel timeline, and main timeline Sylar should technically still have that power.

        Seriously, until this fight I never believed the comments saying you gave the round to whoever you liked more, not who would actually win. This one fight casts doubt on that.

      • It’s impossible to completely recover stamina. All beings get tired after an extent. I would’t call Sylar faster than Poliwrath at all and he would likely be the one getting speedblitzed. Poliwrath is durable so one electric blast wouldn’t finish him. Poliwrath is far superior in close range combat and thanks to his speed, he would excel in long range as well.

        Well considering that I don’t like Tad at all, that is definitely bad news for Sylar (Though I don’t like him either) Of course with the blog’s 100% accuracy policy biasness has no place here. Who I like is irrelevant during the matches. Still, we all will differ in our beliefs and debating sides in the end

      • Poliwrath is relatively slow as Pokémon go, I don’t know where you get the idea he’s faster from. Powerful electric attack will take most Water types down incredibly quick, but even if they didn’t, Poliwrath couldn’t beat Sylar over range and there’s no way he could get him into melée. Even if he did get into melée, Sylar could turn him to gold with one touch and the only way he could injure Sylar would maybe be to tear his limbs off, which is going to take a lot more time than just touching him.

        Or maybe Sylar could decimate the area for miles around in a nuclear explosion. It would only take a moment, would probably kill Poliwrath, and even if it didn’t, Tad himself would be disintegrated, and the fight is against Tad, not Poliwrath.

      • He is slower than a lot of pokemon, but his speed is still impressive. He could easily outdistance most metahumans and above. I haven’t seen anything from Sylar to suggest that he’s faster than Poliwrath. Even the wiki doesn’t mention any superhuman speed. Thunder attacks from fellow pokemon are able to do massive damage, but their’s a major difference in power between say Pikachu and Sylar. Pokemon themselves are on a pretty high level so their attacks do intense amounts of damage.

        Poliwrath just needs to grab Sylar and yank to get rid of his arm. Turning things into gold can be tough, but not deadly. Most are unable to move when they are gold because their density and mass are heightened greatly, but Poliwrath has sufficient super strength to keep on going and potentially shatter the gold.

        Nuking the place is a good idea, but Poliwrath can counter it with a blast of his own. His hyper beam would be able to overcome it or another similar projectile. Tad would be behind him so that the explosion wouldn’t reach him

  2. He doesn’t directly have super speed, but he does have flight, and Nathan Petrelli was able to fly incredibly fast. And you use Pikachu as an example here, but Pikachu isn’t even that strong as Pokémon go (Ash just has a weird mutant one or something. Maybe it ate a Light Ball at some point, could explain how it could just LEARN Volt Tackle. But anyway, rant aside…). And Sylar’s electrical powers are EASILY comparable to at least moderately strong fully-evolved Electric types.

    He couldn’t shatter the gold because he would be the gold. The only gold to shatter would be himself.

    Hyper beam is strong, but I don’t think it would somehow deflect a sperical explosion of radiation. Plus it takes considerably longer to charge than Sylar’s nuclear powers

    • Well the anime doesn’t follow the gameplay mechanic where they can only learn 4 attacks at once. That’s why Pikachu and Charizard continue to learn new abilities, because realistically…that’s how it would go in real life. You don’t forget your old skills are you learn new ones. Personally, I’ve always found the anime adaption of Pikachu as the most accurate and I would call him one of the strongest pokemon of all time, thanks to his massive speed advantage over most.

      I wouldn’t put Sylar’s electricity at such a high level and his flight is good, but it’s definitely a world of distance comparing flight speed to ground speed. He still may not be able to avoid a Pikachu speedblitz. As for the gold, I’m still not sure how effective that would be on Poliwrath. Even covered in gold he would definitely be formidable and his attack power would rise thanks to the gold coating.

      The gust of energy from the blast would knock it away. Actually for Poliwrath substitute the hyper beam for ice beam. It’ll freeze the explosion and also keep Tad safe while taking Sylar down. While he’s frozen he won’t be able to defend himself while Poliwrath takes him down for the count

      • Except even in the anime, Team Rocket have refered to how Ash’s Pikachu is much more powerful than a Pikachu normally would be. Hence why they always want to steal it despite Pikachus being so common. Saying Pikachu as a species is amongst the strongest Pokémon is laughable

        He’s not gold coated, he’s literally being turned to gold.

        You can’t freeze explosions! Seriously!

      • At this point I think it’s really just out of spite though. I wouldn’t call him stronger than a normal Pikachu though, since he could only manage a deadlock against Ritchie’s for the most part. They’re just a lot stronger than most would think. I’d definitely call the species one of the strongest pokemon in existence easy.

        It won’t be enough. Like how when Death touches you, you die…not really. If you have enough will power it just won’t work. Likewise that the gold can maybe cover him, but he won’t turn into a nonliving object. It would just increase the gravity about him, but as long as you have a soul, such things can’t happen to you.

        You can freeze just about anything. Plus the blast would push it back

      • I’m having trouble believing that you can seriously think it’s possible to freeze nuclear radiation.

      • Not so much freeze it, as push it back with the force of the blast. The explosion would be frozen and the radiation won’t be getting through with the air so frozen and the force being so high

      • And personally, I haven’t watched the anime in a long time but as the original, I believe the games should always be the primary source of canon. The four moves thing is admitedly probably a gameplay mechanic, but Pikachu can’t just “learn” Volt Tackle in-game, it can only be inherited. As I said before though, Ash’s Pikachu is unusual.

      • Usually the games would be considered the high canon, but since the game has an overabundance of gameplay mechanics and no feats since there’s not much cutscenes, the anime is the next best step. He can’t learn it in game because of gameplay mechanics. In reality there’s no reason why he shouldn’t learn it. It’s a thunder attack so it’s okay. Especially because it’s easy to do. It’s just a tackle with thunder around him, so even if there were no such ability, he would be capable of using it

      • Actually, that’s a good point. His gold touch power has only been seen used on inanimate objects. Even if it just slows him down though, it would give Sylar enough time to easily kill Tad with one of his many powers.

        Your point on flight speed vs land speed… The flyers in Heroes seem to be able to take off and fly at full speed near-instantly… Or were you refering to reaction speed? In the latter case, I would say Poliwrath and Sylar are pretty similar.

        In the case of the games vs anime, at the very least the in-game stats should be compared. Even on anime evidence alone, it’s pretty well demonstrated that most Pikachu’s aren’t that strong, Ash’s Pikachu is very much an unusual case. The Tean Rocket example dates back to like the second episode; in their very first appearance, they remarked on how Pikachu was of no interest to them as they were only after rare or powerful Pokémon, but when he defeated them they deduced he was FAR more powerful than an average Pikachu. The Internet is littered with theories on why Ash’s Pikachu is so much stronger than a normal one. He is DEFINITELY more powerful than a normal Pikachu. Richie’s Pikachu, to my memory, never ended up fighting Ash’s one in Richie’s first appearance, and Charizard was willing to fight Charmander but thought Richie’s Pikachu was too weak to be worth his time. Maybe in a later episode the two Pikachus fight, I don’t know.

        Anyway, I have some new requests!

        Khazrak the One-Eye vs Gatoh
        Yugi vs Yusuke
        Light Yagami vs The Doctor
        Gandalf vs Saruman
        Tahu vs Ezio

        (I don’t know why, I just want to see Tad beaten now…)
        Pohatu vs Tad
        Simon the Digger vs Tad
        Teridax vs Tad

      • Well, they’re fast, but flying speed tends to not be as maneuverable as land speed, but it does depend on a case to case basis I suppose.

        The anime is just really inconsistant. Some episodes Pikachu can take on (and defeat) legendary pokemon and other times he’ll do badly against a new lv 5 pokemon who’s never fought before (Snivy) When Ash and Ritchy’s pikachus are together they always seem evenly matched. They’ve shot thunderbolts next to each other and none seemed stronger. I would take Ash’s in a fight, but mainly because of his immense arsenal of attacks.

        Alright, I’ve added the requests in, just a couple of questions.

        Could you put a link for Gatoh, I couldn’t find him.

        Which Doctor? In Doctor Who there’s more than one I think.

        As for Tad…Well…1 (or 2) of those Tad matches could surprise you. Still, one of them is a sure bet to succeed. You first match is now up btw

      • Gatoh, y’know, from Naruto. He hired Zabuza to kill the bridge-builder

        They’re sort of different, sort of the same person. When a Time Lord takes severe enough injuries that would otherwise cause them to die, they go through a process called Regeneration. It heals their body of all injuries and makes them look like a whole different person. Their personality also sort of changes, but certain elements remain the same and they retain the memories of their predecessor, so they’re kind of a new person, kind of the same as ever. I’m not sure if each Doctor counts as the same person on the blog or not, but if all the Godzillas do then I reckon so does the Doctor

        Well he’s no match for Teridax (he could beat Poliwrath in seconds with or without Mata Nui’s planet-sized body), and Pohatu could beat Tad himself before Poliwrath has time to blink, let alone get out of his Pokéball, so I don’t know about that. I see the Simon fight is up already

      • Ah, Gato. All right, I’ve added that one to the batch.

        Well, that’s a bit different. For Godzilla they were pretty much all reboots upon reboots or essentially the same Godzilla running around. Reincarnations have always been the toughest part to decide on the blog. I guess I’ll need to look into it, but I’ve still put it into the batch while I undergo research on the (really complex) franchise.

        It’ll definitely be interesting to see how those Tad matches play out then

      • It will indeed.

        Speaking of Pokemon, have you read any of my other main story, The Psychic Jinjuuriki? It’s currently only Naruto/Pokemon, but I plan to add some other series later on. Also, have you read any more of Instruments?

      • I know that I was caught up in the Instruments of Time, but I think I’m probably behind a couple of chapters. I had finished the 4 parter about Holmes which is where I stopped. Lately I’ve just been so busy, that I’ve even cut down on twitter and stopped posting matches on sundays. Still, there’s always time for a good story. Instead of getting caught up on Instruments right away, I think I’ll check out The Psychic Jinjuuriki. Mixing Pokemon and Naruto sounds like a fun idea.

    • Great, I’ve already read the first 3 chapters 🙂 Personally, I think I may even prefer it to the Instruments of Time. The concept of Mewtwo going to Naruto world and training him is cool. I would say more, but I’ll wait until I’m caught up so I can leave a review on the site

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