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Harry Potter vs Sylar

Harry Potter is back once again, but he may not do any better than he did in his last match. Sylar has many abilities at his disposal, including telekinesis and regeneration. Harry Potter’s magic spells won’t be able to stop him as Sylar cruises to victory in this round. Sylar wins.

18 thoughts on “Harry Potter vs Sylar”

  1. Regeneration won’t help sylar once Harry uses the killing curse. Sylars telekinesis won’t stop Harry either because Harry can just teleport.

    1. That may be true if Harry had time, but Sylar could quickly shoot a bolt of electricity that would end things. Also, I’m not sure if the killing curse would be able to take Sylar down for the count

  2. Killing curse will kill anyone who gets hit with it. Yes, it will kill sylar. Harry has a number of ways he can win. He can use stupify to confuse sylar then sneak up on him while wearing the invisibility cloak and use the killing curse. I’m pretty sure that since he’s dodged many magic bolts before, he can dodge a bolt of electricity. And if you didn’t know, there is a fan theory that states that since the prophecy says that there must be one to kill the other ( Harry and Voldemort ), and Voldemort died. Harry is now immortal because only Voldemort can kill him, and he’s now dead.

    1. @untedbear: DReager1= fanboy of Bass. In his mind, only Bass is immortal. I typed 2 paragraph comment after your 1st one, but it didn’t get through for some reason.
      @DReager1: Killing curse kills anything that touches it. I have NO idea how that works, but it does. Harry was trained by Snape to resist psychic attacks, so Skylar couldn’t attack his mind. Also, apparently Harry has a spell that can reach any point in space (also not sure how this works) and deals heavy damage. Skylar can regen, but Harry can just keep on spamming that attack, and Skylar’s regen times aren’t dark MegaMan fast. Harry doesn’t seem to get tired every time he casts a spell, so he could spam that too. He can warp rapidly so that counters Skylar’s lightning.

      1. DReager1 + Bass – Blog Rules = Fair Blog. I have a 100% accuracy policy so I only say it because it’s true that Bass is basically immortal. I’m going to need a link for the every point in space spell because I read all of the books and saw all of the films and I’m pretty sure that he never did that. It could be a case of overhype from other debating sites. Sylar doesn’t need to use any mind tricks as he can just nuke himself and take Harry down. The electricity would hit Harry eventually as he’s not That fast at teleporting. Both of them can keep on spamming attacks at each other, but the fighter with regen would take the win

    2. I wouldn’t put too much stock in that theory as it sounds remarkably similar to the Cloud and Sephiroth legend…which I don’t buy either. It helps that I never believed in immortal stuff in fiction. Everyone can be destroyed even if they can’t die of old age.

      The Killing Curse isn’t really that powerful. It’s like saying that Saitama can destroy everyone in one hit because that’s how it works in his manga. The killing curse is kept in its original laser/magic spell form, but it will just do as much damage as Harry Potter can dish out so it’s not an auto kill and I don’t beleive that it would be able to defeat Sylar. Sylar can just nuke himself and end the match in an instant.

  3. ” Dreager1 + bass – blog rules = fair blog “. Because a fair blog would have pikachu as a planet buster. The blog isn’t fair at all, it is completely fake.

    1. Ha ha ha LOL ROFL when I saw those last 2 comments and Pikachu is DEFINITELY not a planet buster. Destructive capacity: Mountain in his BEST BEST BEST BEST form maybe.

    2. Hey…if it works it works. Besides, (That one wasn’t a request fight) some of those are request fights. I accept them all…even if they are blowouts. Either way it would be easy to give Scooby a win if you felt like it


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