Aquaman vs Sylar

Sylar has a lot of powerful abilities, but Aquaman will just prove too be too experienced. He’s fought many opponents and his strength is pretty impressive. Once he was able to land some good shots on Superman and Wonder Woman, plus his speed is also pretty good. This is one match that I don’t think Sylar can win. Aquaman wins.

4 thoughts on “Aquaman vs Sylar

  1. I would agree wit this one if only I knew Aquaman would deal with three of Sylar’s powers in particular

    1. His nuclear powers: Sylar could wipe out everything within about twenty miles before Aquaman even got close. How would Aquaman deal with that?

    2. His telekinesis: If Aquaman got close, Sylar could just fling him away again with telekinesis.

    3. Most of all, his regeneration. He’s been shown to regenerate from virtually any wound. The only way to deal with him in the past was to stab something through the back of his neck (after which he would stay dead until the thing stabbed there was removed). Now with the addition of his shapeshifting powers he can move that spot to anywhere on his body. How would Aquaman deal with that?

    • Well, (as of the new 52) Aquaman can endure shots from heavy hitters like Superman and Wonder Woman which are basically nuke level blows (Considering that they would probably shatter the planet with a single hit) I think Aquaman would be able to endure the blast and it would be a risky move on Sylar’s part. He can regenerate, but if the nuke doesn’t take Aquaman out of the fight, he’ll be vulnerable.

      Telekinesis is pretty potent, but Aquaman’s sheer power should allow him to resist it. In the end telekinesis is willpower vs raw power and since Aquaman can give Superman a good fight, that should be enough.

      Sylar’s regeneration is good, but once they’re in a close up fight it won’t be able to save him. If a stab through the neck could work, I’m sure that Superman level punches would do the job. The sheer trauma from the blows would take him out. He can regenerate, but in that case, there’s nothing to regenerate. Aquaman also has his scepter which he can use to continuously blast Sylar with as well to half his regeneration

      • I saw a video of superman lifting twenty quintillion tons. In other words that’s 20,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons. That’s means superman is pretty darn strong am I right? Plus aquaman has his own character in Injustice: Gods Among Us. He gets a lot of cool stuff there too.

      • SUperman’s definitely immensely powerful. So Aquaman keeping up with him is quite the feat! He’s become a much stronger person during the New 52. The game is also pretty intense and Aquaman’s looked pretty good

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