Dumbledore vs Protoman

Suggested by Megapot Network Dumbledore is a fairly talented wizard. He can conjure up spells with the best of them and don’t let his age fool you, the guy still has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. However if we’re being honest here, he still doesn’t have any chance against Protoman. Protoman is simply too fast for the old guy and the spell’s attack power doesn’t matter if he can’t even hit this guy. Protoman is really in a league of his own here and the gap between them is simply too vast. Dumbledore is 100 years too early to be challenging an opponent of Protoman’s caliber. Protoman wins.


Gandalf vs Dumbledore

Two of the most popular wizards of all are now battling! Dumbledore has some powerful spells that could potentially wipe out Gandalf in an instant..if they hit! I think Gandalf would be able to land the critical blow first, which would grant him the win in the end. Gandalf wins.

Bass vs Dumbledore

Well, Dumbledore got his win in the last match, but now he’s up against Bass! No being has ever won a match against Bass and Dumbledore won’t be the first. Bass gets closer to 500 wins with this round and keeps on rising up the blog ranks. Nobody can stop him it would seem! Bass wins.

Mazdamundi vs Dumbledore

Mazdamundi makes his blog debut with this match against another new character! These two are both very advanced in the realm of magic. Mazdamundi has an advantage thanks to the giant beast that he controls, but Dumbledore has a lot of great spells at his disposal. I think that he wins this round. Dumbledore wins.