Peewee Piranha vs Bowser Jr

Suggested by Sonic This is a tricky one. On one hand, Peewee Piranha isn’t particularly fast so the size advantage and edge in power is mitigated to an extent. On the other hand, Bowser Jr doesn’t have many effective ways to deal damage here. So to an extent he will waste the speed side of the battle. As a result this will be a fairly even battle but my money’s on Jr here. He can keep on throwing bombs and other projectiles from his flying car and there’s just no way Peewee can counter. Bowser Jr wins.

Sailor Mercury vs Bowser Jr

Suggested by Destroyer Bowser Jr has a lot of little robots and gadgets at his disposal but none of them will be enough to stop Mercury. Jr’s best bet is his Shadow Mario form and even then the issue is that he has no good long range options. Mercury can destroy him from afar with her water blasts and that will be the end of the battle. Mercury’s weakness is her durability but this isn’t a weakness that Bowser Jr will be able to exploit. As a result he has no real shot here. Sailor Mercury wins.

Bowser Jr vs Hatman

Suggested by Sonic Bowser Jr has his paint brush to change shapes as well as a few gadgets like his Clown Car. Those won’t do much against Hatman though. The main issue is that Hatman has a sword at the ready which is easily better than the brush. He can use this technique to just slice away at all of Jr’s defenses until the guy goes down. I don’t see Bowser Jr really being able to do much to stand up against him since all of his attacks are either too slow or too weak. Hatman wins.

Cancer Bubble vs Bowser Jr

Suggested by Sonic Cancer Bubble isn’t exactly the most powerful Megaman villain out there but I do believe he has enough speed to end up claiming victory in this arena. As skilled as Bowser Jr is, he just isn’t ready for this fight. Cancer Bubble’s boomerang hands are quick enough to deal massive damage here and I don’t see how Bowser Jr can block the move. Additionally, Cancer Bubble can summon up large amounts of water which would mess with Jr’s tech. Cancer Bubble wins.

Bowser Jr vs Vile

Suggested by Anonymous Bowser Jr is definitely a memorable Mario character. He is always around lately, but his fighting abilities actually aren’t anything to write home about. Vile can easily destroy him with a few well placed blasts. Vile has been fighting for a very long time and knows how to adapt to his opponent. Jr has never had to engage in a serious fight and would freeze up during crunch time. Vile wins.

Bowser Jr vs Villager

Suggested by Sonic The Villager may seem to be just a kid at first glance, but the guy has made quite a name for himself in Super Smash. He wields an axe like it is nobody’s business and has other cool items like a wrecking ball. Bowser Jr will have a hard time trying to stop him mano a mano, but the koopaling has his own items. Once he is in the clown car all bets are off and he also has the brush from Sunshine which will really give him an edge here. Bowser Jr wins.

Bowser Jr vs Snake

Suggested by Sonic Bowser Jr is an interesting Mario character. He has appeared quite a lot over the years and continues to get more popular, but we still don’t know much about him. He’s got a robot suit though and a whole arsenal of other support vehicles. This will make it difficult for Snake to pin him down. While his conventional weaponry could do the job if he lands enough hits, I think Bowser Jr is resourceful enough to dodge and land the finishing blows. Bowser Jr wins.

Bowser Jr vs Ken Masters

Suggested by Sonic Bowser Jr is a pretty cunning opponent. With his mini car and his cannon balls the guy is a serious threat. However, Ken has something up his sleeve that Bowser Jr simply cannot counter. That is his famous fire Shoryuken. One hit from that and Jr is down for the count. He won’t be able to evade Ken for long so at best he can delay the inevitable. That is what it means to take on a Masters. Ken Masters wins.

Bowser Jr vs Ness

Suggested by Sonic Bowser Jr is a pretty tough kid who also has some nice abilities at his disposal thanks to the paint brush. That being said, he’s still not one of the stronger characters out there. He would be almost completely helpless against Ness’ various PK abilities like fire and flash. I don’t think this Koopaling would be able to dodge and his attacks will have a hard time landing since Ness is quite fast as well. A quick Final Smash will blast Bowser Jr over the horizon with ease. You just can’t counter that kind of energy. Ness wins.

Bowser Jr vs Kirby

Bowser Jr has his Clown Car, but it won’t be enough to stop Kirby. Kirby can quickly destroy it with his sword abilities and then a nice power blast should finish the job. Kirby can also just end things with one of his powerful magic explosions. Bowser Jr is simply outmatched here and he’ll have to take yet another loss. Kirby wins.