Cancer Bubble vs Bowser Jr

Suggested by Sonic Cancer Bubble isn’t exactly the most powerful Megaman villain out there but I do believe he has enough speed to end up claiming victory in this arena. As skilled as Bowser Jr is, he just isn’t ready for this fight. Cancer Bubble’s boomerang hands are quick enough to deal massive damage here and I don’t see how Bowser Jr can block the move. Additionally, Cancer Bubble can summon up large amounts of water which would mess with Jr’s tech. Cancer Bubble wins.

Kakuzu vs Cancer Bubble

Suggested by Destroyer Cancer Bubble has never been the most impressive Star Force character. He’s considerably stronger than Bubbleman, but he still isn’t quite ready to take down someone like Kakuzu. Kakuzu has solidified himself as a true threat over the years and he will very quickly overwhelm Cancer Bubble with his speed and power. Bubble won’t be able to find any openings for a clean shot. Kakuzu wins.

Dragon Sky vs Cancer Bubble

Dragon Sky makes his debut match on the blog and he’s up against Cancer Bubble! Cancer Bubble has some good water abilities at his disposal, but in the end they won’t be enough to take on such a powerful foe. Dragon Sky takes the win and moves up to the legendary 1-0 spot! Dragon Sky wins.

Cancer Bubble vs Cepheus

At first I thought this would be a cakewalk for Cepheus, but upon closer inspection, he may not have this. He’s actually never fought onscreen and he wasn’t a match for Andromeda. Cancer Bubble isn’t either of course, but he can fight and he’s no weakling. Cancer Bubble wins.

Cancer Bubble vs Lazerman

Cancer Bubble has his bubbles and with them he can take out a lot of opponents. Of course Lazerman has the advantage in this round thanks to his raw power and overall skill. With one punch he can take out many opponents. They just couldn’t take him down. Cancer Bubble will also take a loss in this round. Lazerman wins.