Cancer Bubble vs Diveman

Suggested by Sonic Cancer Bubble and Diveman are both not known to be some of the more powerful Megaman characters. In fact, you could easily say that they are some of the weakest ones. Diveman has never had any good feats and Cancer Bubble is consistently used as comic relief. So the question is, who lasts longer here? I’d say Diveman’s still got the edge in the end because he has better firepower and that should be enough to make the difference here. Bubble doesn’t have much durability so he’ll go down. Diveman wins.

Diveman vs Lazerman

Diveman is back after a long break. Of course he’s not quite ready to fight with someone like Lazerman! Lazerman has abilities that are far beyond that of ordinary warriors. One good blast and Diveman will be down for the count. He just didn’t have the abilities that Lazerman currently has. Lazerman wins.

Diveman vs Bubbleman

Diveman is from Battle Network 6. I said it twice and I’ll say it again; he’s just a regular water navi. Bubbleman is not so tough but he did beat Crossed Fused Megaman. That was so cool because aside from that he didn’t do too much memorable things. Diveman has more skills. Diveman wins.

Diveman vs Whaleman

Now it’s Diveman’s time to fight. Lucky for him because so far Whaleman hasn’t won a single fight. Diveman is just a normal water navi while Whaleman is a filler water navi. Diveman’s built like a tank so he has a lot of endurance. Whaleman survived a barrage of punches from Sharkman. Diveman wins.

Toadman vs Diveman

Toadman is the Water’s second strongest navi. It helps a lot that he has thunder powers. “If you know your weakness it becomes less of a weakness”? Toadman was also one of the strongest bosses in all of Battle Network to get an S buster rank out of. He is one of few that I still haven’t gotten. Diveman needs something that could help him. If he at least had one good special move he’d do better. Even then I bet Toadman could handle him. Toadman wins.

Diveman vs Sharkman

Diveman is just a regular water navi. There isn’t much else to say about him which is why I don’t like him. Sharkman can swim fast and using his fin can make an energy field that you can jump on. Once on it you become super fast. With those reasons and more Sharkman takes this fight. Sharkman wins.