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The BioLizard vs Bubbleman

Suggested by Destroyer The BioLizard has returned to claim another victim. Bubbleman is strong, but he doesn’t have many attacks that would even faze The BioLizard. He also isn’t fast enough to dodge all of BioLizard’s attacks of the durability to withstand them. One of this lizard’s strengths is the fact that he can spam an impressive number of blasts. There just isn’t anything Bubbleman can do against that. The BioLizard wins.

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Bubbleman vs Bass

Bubbleman is back and now he’s up against the mighty Bass! Bass has his Darkness Overload and a single shot would be enough to defeat Bubbleman in an instant. Bubbleman just doesn’t have the same level of abilities that Bass possesses. Bass already has over 500 wins and the number just keeps on growing! Bass wins.

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Bubbleman vs Bly

Bubbleman may have managed to last a while in the Megaman franchise, but he’s still no match for someone like Bly. Bly has some immense power and completely overwhelming speed. Bubbleman definitely wouldn’t last long against that level of power. Bly rises up the ranks with this win and gets closer to 100! Bly wins.

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Dark Megaman vs Bubbleman

Dark Megaman is back after a long time and he’s up against Bubbleman! Bubbleman isn’t much of a fighter, so fighting someone like Dark Megaman is beyond him. Dark Megaman once obtained the powers of Bass and with them showed that he was one of the strongest beings in media! Bubbleman drops down the ranks with this loss. Dark Megaman wins.

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Bubbleman vs Lazerman

Bubbleman is back, but he can’t quite take on a being like Lazerman. Lazerman has the disruption beam which can one shot Bubbleman. Bubbleman just doesn’t have the skills to take him down. Lazerman is a living legend and this is why. Lazerman just doesn’t go down. He is King of the Darkloids after all. Lazerman wins.

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Gateman vs Bubbleman

Bubbleman may be a bit more popular than Gateman, but in the end it won’t be enough. Gateman’s abilities are pretty intense and he can use them to take out nearly any guy with bubble powers! He has a dark arm that comes out of his chest cannon thing and with it he can take down Bubbleman. Gateman wins.

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Whaleman vs Bubbleman

Now Bubbleman’s final fight is here. So far he hasn’t been doing so good. Maybe this will be when he turns it around. After all Whaleman’s a filler character who lost to Sharkman. Bubbleman did beat Megaman and infiltrate Lazerman’s group. Bubbleman also has dark chips. Bubbleman wins.

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Diveman vs Bubbleman

Diveman is from Battle Network 6. I said it twice and I’ll say it again; he’s just a regular water navi. Bubbleman is not so tough but he did beat Crossed Fused Megaman. That was so cool because aside from that he didn’t do too much memorable things. Diveman has more skills. Diveman wins.