Spoutman vs Squid

Suggested by Sonic Spoutman is not one of the more powerful Megaman characters. The guy is always nervous and crying which is not a great combination of traits for a battle. Squid has decent super strength and some projectiles. While the ink may not be a good fit against Spoutman’s water blasts, I do think that he is fast enough to claim victory here. Spoutman will have a hard time landing any attacks here and will ultimately be defeated. Squid wins.

Dark Megaman vs Spoutman

Dark Megaman is back and this time he’s up against Spoutman. Spoutman nearly flooded part of the Cyberworld back in his day! Of course it won’t be enough to stop Dark Megaman in this round. Dark Megaman could destroy the whole planet if he wanted too! His power is not too be underestimated. Dark Megaman wins.

Spoutman vs Whaleman

Spoutman and Whaleman are finally fighting. The 2 weakest water navi’s are going to mix it up. Whaleman can do stuff we just don’t know what. Spoutman can make floods and shoot water cannons. Can’t say they were very effective in any media. Well at least he can fight. Spoutman wins.

Spoutman vs Toadman

Spoutman cries a lot but doesn’t have much to show for it. In the games he’s one of the easiest bosses while in the anime he looked pitiful. Toadman’s way out of his league. Spoutman can at least last for a bit by making a flood. But once he does that Toadman can zap the water and Spoutman will be finished. Toadman wins.

Sharkman vs Spoutman

There’s a reason that no ultimate water navi has showed up yet. It’s because he’s been here the whole time. Sharkman is the ultimate water navi. Spoutman may be able to make a flood but for a water navi that doesn’t matter. If anything it will help Sharkman. Sharkman wins.