Toadman vs Lute

Suggested by Sonic Toadman’s never been the most impressive Megaman EXE villain out there but I suppose you have to give him some props. He’s fast on his feet and has some good thunder type abilities. Those will be super effective against Lute’s main monster Raphalos, but it won’t do much good against the rest. Lute has a few monsters up his sleeve and can also fight with his great sword. Against a more powerful navi Lute would probably be in trouble but Toadman won’t be a problem. Lute will be able to claim victory here thanks to his solid strategies and array of monsters. Lute wins.

Toadman vs Tien

Suggested by Destroyer Toadman may be a reasonably strong net Navi, but he definitely isn’t a destroyer of worlds like Tien. Tien could win this round with a single punch and his speed is also far superior to Toadman’s. Seeing as how Tien wins this matchup in every possible way, I don’t think he will be losing this round. Toadman would have to hope for a miracle. Tien wins.

Toadman vs Zelda

Toadman is a decently tough navi to have on your side when the chips are down. He’s no Metalman, but he’s still a good fighter and he’s very quick. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really have the abilities necessary to take on Princess Zelda. Zelda’s great at long range and her close range sword techniques aren’t bad either. Toadman won’t be able to claim victory. Zelda wins.

Mr Prog vs Toadman

Mr Prog is back, but can he take on the awesome power of Toadman!? Toadman is quick and he’s also powerful. Mr Prog wouldn’t be able to land a solid hit on him thanks to the speed difference and Toadman is just a bit too intense for him. Mr Prog gave it a good shot though. Toadman wins.

Grand Fisher vs Toadman

Grand Fisher is strong, and while he’s not the fastest guy in the world he still has enough speed to deal with Toadman. Toadman may be tough, but in the end he lacks the skills that Grand Fisher has. Toadman will put up a vallient fight, but in the end it’ll have been for naught. Grand Fisher wins.

Toad vs Toadman

Hey Toadman you have company. Toad is a reaccuring character who has appeared almost as many times as Mario. In one of the games Mario has a dream where Toad has super human power. Even though it was a dream there is a chance that it was real. Even with that power Toadman will continue to win. Toadman wins.

Toadman vs Bubbleman

Bubbleman had the privilage of being in the Megaman manga and fighting Dark Megaman. It wasn’t too much of a fight because Bubbleman had to protect Spoutman. Even if Bubbleman shoots some spears Toadman can teleport from lily pad to lily pad. Bubbleman isn’t doing so good. Toadman wins.

Toadman vs Whaleman

Toadman is a lot stronger than Whaleman. Whaleman is just a filler character who lost a tournament. Filler characters never make it too far. Toadman’s thunder would beat him in one hit….one hit and Whaleman’s adventure would be over. Toadman’s destined for great things. Toadman wins.