Toadman vs Lute

Suggested by Sonic Toadman’s never been the most impressive Megaman EXE villain out there but I suppose you have to give him some props. He’s fast on his feet and has some good thunder type abilities. Those will be super effective against Lute’s main monster Raphalos, but it won’t do much good against the rest. Lute has a few monsters up his sleeve and can also fight with his great sword. Against a more powerful navi Lute would probably be in trouble but Toadman won’t be a problem. Lute will be able to claim victory here thanks to his solid strategies and array of monsters. Lute wins.

Bass vs Lute


Lute is a nice boy and one who dreams of being the ultimate rider. That being said, he certainly isn’t a match for someone in Bass’ weight class. Bass is the strongest being in all of media and is second to none in his large arsenal of abilities. Lute’s famed kinship won’t be enough to convince Bass to throw the match and there’s no way the kid can win in a fist fight. Bass wins.

Lute vs One Above All


Lute is a Rider in training whose skills have definitely improved quite a bit from when he first started. He even has battle armor now which gives him a considerable advantage. He may still be lacking in physical ability, but his monstie helps to make up for that. The One Above All will be on the defensive as Lute pressures him with blast after blast. Loot wins.