Space Godzilla vs Taurus Fire

Suggested by Destroyer Taurus Fire is a pretty tough guy. He may not be the most impressive Star Force fighter but he’s built like a tank and has some really good fire moves up his arsenal. The guy won’t go down without a fight and Space Godzilla won’t be fast enough to tag him. While this Kaiju is durable, there’s just not a whole lot of options available to him here. Taurus Fire has the absolute edge in combat and the damage will add up. That spells disaster for Space G. Whatever he tries will ultimately be stopped in its tracks due to not being able to hit the target. Taurus Fire wins.

Taurus Fire vs Botos

This is a pretty close fight. Both Botos and Taurus Fire don’t particularly like the water. They’re also not the strongest fighters in their series. The question is…who’s the stronger fighter? In the end Taurus Fire’s fire powers save the day for him. With his skills he’s finally got himself a win. Taurus Fire wins.