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Huey vs Titanosaurus

Suggested by Destroyer Titanosaurus wins this round in much the same way as Orga did. He is a lot more powerful than Huey and has enough durability to stop all attacks in their tracks. Huey’s best option here would usually be to hit and run, but since his attacks deal no damage that almost seems a bit pointless too. A quick surrender would be the most efficient way out of this at least until he gets some kind of great power up. Titanosaurus wins.

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Titanosaurus vs Cosmic Clone

Suggested by Destroyer Cosmic Clone has returned but he definitely will not fare well against Titanosaurus. I don’t even really need to get into how this is a complete mismatch in favor of the Kaiju. Any attack the Clone tries wouldn’t do any real damage to this Titan. Additionally, Cosmic Clone’s durability doesn’t seem particularly great so one hit is all that the monster would need to end things. Cosmic Clone just never stood a chance. Titanosaurus wins.

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Titanosaurus vs Shy Guy

Suggested by Destroyer Shy Guy is a fun Mario villain. His mask protects himself as well as those around him. It means that Titanosaurus will really have a difficult time trying to do anything against such a fighter, but he won’t need to worry about the mask. Titanosaurus will just end this with a single punch and that won’t give Shy Guy time to do much of anything. I’m afraid that the sheer difference in size and power will be too much this time. Titanosaurus wins.

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Titanosaurus vs Jason Voorhees

Suggested by Destroyer Jason has definitely claimed many lives over the years, but I don’t think he is quite ready to take out a Kaiju at the moment. Titanosaurus has the massive size advantage against Jason and his durability is through the roof. Even at Jason’s best I don’t think he will be able to do much against this titan. The fighters are simply on completely different levels and that gap in power won’t be bridged so easily. Titanosaurus wins.

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Titanosaurus vs Magicman

Titanosaurus is a powerful Kaiju although I did not find him to be very impressive in the movie. He got a little better in the games since he could not fire sonic blasts. It is a little intriguing since he is weak to such attacks, but it is what it is. Magicman was strong enough to catch Megaman’s sword, but we never got to really see him fight after that as he started to rely on viruses. Luckily for him, we saw juuuuust enough to throw him the win here. His punches are clearly strong enough to deal damage to the Kaiju and his fire will ensure that Titanosaurus keep his distance. Either way, the speed difference should keep Magicman from being hit. Magicman wins.

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Titanosaurus vs Clover

Both of these creatures are pretty intimidating, but Titanosaurus has the long range advantage. Clover has his claws, but he won’t be able to close the gap between them. Titanosaurus finally rises up the blog ranks with this win and he shows the world that mixing a dinosaur with a Kaiju was definitely the right call. Titanosaurus wins.

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Titanosaurus vs Alien

Xenomorphs are skilled, but they are no match for a Kaiju. Titanosaurus is pretty big and he definitely has the edge in physical power. One good shot from his sonic abilities should be enough to take this alien down for the count. Aliens are skilled in number, but they aren’t very skilled in one on one combat. Titanosaurus win.

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Titanosaurus vs Omega Red

Titanosaurus is a Kaiju that may frighten the average opponent, but there’s nothing average about Omega Red! He may be a bit of a joke among power hitters like Juggernaut or Apocalypse, but he should still not be underestimated. He definitely looked his best during the Wolverine anime and they did a good job of showing how resilient he could be. Titanosaurus won’t be able to keep up with Omega Red and his metallic arms will be able to zap the energy out of him. Omega Red wins.

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Titanosaurus vs Chunk

Titanosaurus is a pretty powerful kaiju and all he would need is a single shot to deal some massive damage to The Chunk. The Chunk has his gun at the ready and he is pretty powerful in terms of brute strength, but against a kaiju..that’s just not enough! Titanosaurus rises up the blog ranks with this win. Titanosaurus wins.

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Titanosaurus vs Minya

Minya has always tried to be a really powerful monster, but in the end he just won’t be able to take down Titanosaurus. Titanosaurus has got the massive power advantage and he could definitely take Minya down. Minya drops down the ranks with this loss, but he gave it a good shot. Titanosaurus wins.