Titanosaurus vs Cubot

Suggested by Destroyer Cubot is definitely not one of Eggman’s more powerful robots. The guy is good for a one liner here and there but when it comes time to trade some blows you do not want to trust him in your corner. Titanosaurus would be able to easily crush him with a single move. That’s the difference in their respective abilities. Cubot also isn’t fast enough to dodge for long. Titanosaurus wins.

Predator vs Cubot

Suggested by Destroyer Cubot may have the potential to be reasonably smart when he has to be, but I’m not buying it. Not only will he be unable to do much against the Predator he likely won’t even realize that he is being attacked. Predator is a trained hunter and knows how to move stealthily towards his prey. The match will be over in a flash. Predator wins.

Orbot vs Cubot

Orbot may look like he’s a lot faster than Cubot, but the difference may be brief. Also Cubot has more striking power and he can use that to his advantage. There are few who can stop Cubot when he’s serious. Not even Orbot can beat him. Cubot gets himself a win and rises up the ranks. Cubot wins.

Cubot vs Eggman

Eggman is now back to fight Cubot as the arc continues. Cubot’s a tough cookie, but in the end he lacks the power of Eggman! Eggman has the Egg Emperor and it could crush Cubot once and for all. Cubot just doesn’t have that kind of power. Maybe he’ll be back soon. Eggman rises again. Eggman wins.