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Heliolisk vs Scarface

Suggested by Anonymous Heliolisk is a pretty tough thunder type Pokemon. With a single move he can reign down a wave of terror the likes of which we have never seen. Scarface will be able to parry that with his blade though. Scarface is very fast and certainly more than a match for any of Heliolisk’s attacks. He definitely earned his spot as Epsilon’s right hand man and this would be little more than a training exercise for him. Scarface wins.

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Scarface vs Blaziken

Scarface is back and this time he’s up against Blaziken! Blaziken may be a pretty good hand to hand fighter, but Scarface has a major advantage thanks to his big sword type weapon. It increases his range dramatically. He can also shoot intense blasts of thunder! Blaziken has fire blasts so this is still a pretty even match, but I’d have to give this to Scarface in the end. Scarface wins.