My Pokemon Dream Team

I recently saw people discussing who their dream team of 6 would be in Pokemon. I figured that was a fun thing to think about so I went through all of the Pokemon and eventually settled on a top 6. It was a really tough endeavor and to make things fair I didn’t count mythical or legendary Pokemon in this. Only the average Pokemon you could hope to find out in the wild. Getting the list down to my favorite 18-19 was easy enough, but from there it was extremely difficult. First up lets look at the runner ups.

Runner Ups


These guys are all pretty awesome and any one of them would make for a great substitute on my team. Alas, I can’t go over 6 so I had to let these guys hang out on the sidelines this time. Pikachu’s a great Pokemon and he was probably the closest to the top 6, but I just couldn’t think of anyone to drop out. Charizard and Umbreon also just barely didn’t make the cut as a similar style Pokemon beat them out.

So lets now look at my 6. These are my 6 favorite Pokemon and while they may not make for the most balanced team possible, I do think they cover for each other’s weaknesses pretty well.

6. Machamp

This guy’s design is just amazing. You can tell that he is a true fighter and even to this day I consider him to be one of the strongest fighting types out there. He would be a great addition to the squad and a solid Pokemon to lead out with to scope out the competition.
5. Scizor

Easily the coolest steel type in all of Pokemon and probably the best design improvement from a base form Pokemon. I like his speed and power, Scizor is just a very well rounded Pokemon who I believe would especially excel in Doubles where he can keep striking at the opposing fighters to support his teammate.
4. Lucario

Lucario is one of those Pokemon who really caught my eye thanks to Super Smash Bros. His incredible aura abilities and Mega Lucario mode help to make him one of the coolest Pokemon. At times he feels like a Shounen hero with how many abilities he has and this Pokemon could go up against legendaries if needed.
3. Espeon

Espeon is my favorite Eevee evolution just barely beating out Umbreon. A case could be made for Umbreon being in the top 6 and I was super close to putting him in as well. Espeon’s design is just really sound and it’s very easy for her to dodge attacks thanks to her speed. She may not be the strongest fighter in the group, but her attacks will definitely still deal a good amount of damage.
2. Feraligatr

Feraligatr was my favorite Pokemon at one point. He eventually fell to second place and a little further if we count legendaries. Still, I love this guy’s design and it’s one of the fiercest in all of Pokemon. His power and speed are definitely top tier. In a 1 on 1 fight there aren’t too many Pokemon who can beat this guy. He fights hard til the end.
1. Blaziken

Finally we’ve got Blaziken, my all time favorite Pokemon. He just has a super cool design and I was first impressed with him when he beat Charizard in the Pokemon anime. The Pokemon looks like a street fighter and he’s a fire type. That’s a dynamite combo right from the start. Then I got to see him again in Pokken which was really cool. This is the guy I trust to have my back when it’s crunch time.

So those are my 6 favorite Pokemon! If you could choose a top 6 from all the ones available who would make your squad? New Pokemon keep getting added year after year so we’ll see if anyone is able to break into this team one of these days.

Battles, Blaziken Battles, Ferham Battles

Ferham vs Blaziken

Suggested by Anonymous Ferham is another top executive of Epsilon’s but she didn’t really get to show off her abilities for very long. She is strong and fast, yet that won’t be enough here. Blaziken is one of the most powerful Pokemon of all time. In his Mega form there are very few things that he cannot do. Ferham will quickly realize that she doesn’t stand a chance here and then that’ll be game over for her. Blaziken’s fiery attacks will take their toll. Blaziken wins.

Battles, Blaziken Battles, Infernape Battles

Infernape vs Blaziken

This match came out of nowhere as it just happened to appear in the blog search engine results. Evidently, this match has been looked for and the blog visitor’s screen likely came up with nothing. Well, that won’t happen next time and this is an interesting match anyway. Infernape is a pretty skilled fire type Pokemon and he has a lot of attacks, but Blaziken definitely has the edge. Blaziken is still one of the most impressive Pokemon fighters of all time and that was before his Mega evolution. Infernape isn’t as good in hand to hand combat and Blaziken’s fire abilities also have more of a kick to them. Infernape will eventually go down for the count against such a fighter. Blaziken wins.

Battles, Blaziken Battles, Goomba Battles

Goomba vs Blaziken

Goombas may be strong in numbers, but they wouldn’t be able to take Blaziken down. Blaziken is great at hand to hand combat and he’s also got a large array of attacks at his disposal. Goomba wouldn’t be able to get through them and there’s not much that he can do offensively even if he was to get near Blaziken. There just isn’t any hope for him! Blaziken wins.

Battles, Blaziken Battles, Crumplezone Battles

Crumplezone vs Blaziken

Crumplezone has a lot of artilery at his disposal and he’s pretty big as well. Blaziken has the edge in speed and he would likely want to turn this into a close combat fight. That wouldn’t bode well for Crumplezone. Crumplezone can try to keep things at long range for a while, but Blaziken will eventually use his mega abilities to close the distance and land the deciding blow. Blaziken’s Sky Uppercut will end this! Blaziken wins.

Battles, Blaziken Battles, Veemon Battles

Blaziken vs Veemon

Both of these guys have some pretty hard hitting fire attacks. Blaziken’s flaming hand to hand skills will be tough to defend against, but in Imperialdramon’s strongest mode, Veemon won’t be losing this round. He has an arm cannon that is similar to Megatron’s and one good hit can cause some massive damage. Veemon wins.

Battles, Blaziken Battles, Garurumon Battles

Garurumon vs Blaziken

Blaziken vs Wolf-Man
Blaziken is one of the stronger pokemon around and with his fire martial arts, there aren’t many who can stop him. Garurumon’s ultimate form is pretty powerful and a close combat fighter as well. While he would have a disadvantage in long range abilities, that’s where his Super mega form comes in. Blaziken won’t be able to win this round. Garurumon wins.

Battles, Blaziken Battles, Mecha Godzilla 2 Battles

Blaziken vs Mecha Godzilla 2

Mecha Godzilla 2 is back, but this time he’s up against the extremely powerful Blaziken! With one kick Blaziken can do some really massive damage to Mecha Godzilla 2. Mecha Godzilla 2’s armor would melt from the blow and he can’t really catch Blaziken. Blaziken rises up the ranks with this win. Blaziken wins.