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Ferham vs Togepi

Suggested by Anonymous Togepi is a reasonably skilled Pokemon who has several evolutions at the ready. Despite these, she has never been known as one of the stronger Pokemon. While Ferham isn’t one of the strongest X Mavericks either, she was strong enough to stop Zero’s sword in its tracks. Additionally she can zoom through the air at great speeds. Mix that in with her elemental strikes and I don’t believe Togepi will be powerful enough to stop her. Ultimately this is Ferham’s battle to lose and it’s one that I don’t think she will. Ferham wins.

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Kazooie vs Ferham

Suggested by Anonymous Kazooie is a nice character, but one that has no chance against Ferham. Ferham was able to even keep Zero pinned down for a little while which takes immense skill. This means that as agile as Kazooie is, there will be no escape from Ferham’s attacks. This is one maverick who will be able to go all the way to a win and it further shows that with enough practice even a whip can be a deadly weapon. Ferham wins.

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Ferham vs Isabelle

Suggested by Anonymous Isabelle is a very nice character who is always trying to look out for the village, but she is really out of her depth here. Ferham is a powerful reploid who was actually able to hold Zero back for a time. That takes an incredible amount of super strength and she made it look easy. Isabelle would lose the instant that the match started which definitely means that she’s in real trouble here. Ferham wins.

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Ferham vs Blaziken

Suggested by Anonymous Ferham is another top executive of Epsilon’s but she didn’t really get to show off her abilities for very long. She is strong and fast, yet that won’t be enough here. Blaziken is one of the most powerful Pokemon of all time. In his Mega form there are very few things that he cannot do. Ferham will quickly realize that she doesn’t stand a chance here and then that’ll be game over for her. Blaziken’s fiery attacks will take their toll. Blaziken wins.