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Ferham vs Togepi

Suggested by Anonymous Togepi is a reasonably skilled Pokemon who has several evolutions at the ready. Despite these, she has never been known as one of the stronger Pokemon. While Ferham isn’t one of the strongest X Mavericks either, she was strong enough to stop Zero’s sword in its tracks. Additionally she can zoom through the air at great speeds. Mix that in with her elemental strikes and I don’t believe Togepi will be powerful enough to stop her. Ultimately this is Ferham’s battle to lose and it’s one that I don’t think she will. Ferham wins.

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Sailor Chibi Chibi vs Togepi

Suggested by Sonic Togepi has been in his share of fights and has grown quite a bit stronger over the years. He isn’t the kid that he once was. Meanwhile Chibi Chibi is usually a kid and her powers never got to fully awaken on screen. Even in her future form where her powers are absolute since she is basically Queen Serenity level she never got to do anything. As a result, she is at a big disadvantage from the start here and simply won’t be able to keep up with Togepi’s speedy attacks. It’s Togepi’s battle to lose. Togepi wins.

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Togepi vs Kate

Suggested by Sonic Togepi is back and she’s ready to get another win. Kate is a pretty strong kid so I won’t count her out of the fight right away, but I think that she will probably be a little overwhelmed here. Togepi is simply too strong of a fighter and her attacks come out without any warning. Kate won’t even realize the danger she is in until the attacks have landed and she is down for the count. Kate’s a nice person, but she just isn’t ready for Prime Time yet. Togepi wins.

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Togepi vs Bon Bon Baby

Suggested by Sonic The Bon Bon Babies were shown to be very formidable opponents when they were mopping the floor with the Sailor Scouts. Still, they have their weaknesses like the fact that their attacks don’t hit very hard. Togepi will easily be able to slap them away with his hyper beam. That’s the only attack he will need here and he won’t even have to ascend into his final forms. The Bon Bon Baby simply isn’t a worthy enough challenger for him. Perhaps the Bon Bons will get a power up of their own at some point. Togepi wins.

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Torkoal vs Togepi

Torkoal definitely has the power advantage since a couple of his fire blasts could do the trick, but it may not be enough in this round. Togepi can stay out of range by flying in his final form and also use telekinesis to his advantage. Not to mention that Togepi also has a lot of firepower. Torkoal is fighting a losing battle in this round. Togepi wins.