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Ghost Rider vs Bison

Suggested by iKnowledge Ghost Rider is a tough Marvel fighter who has grown to be quite powerful at different points in Marvel history. In his awakened form he was able to go toe to toe against World War Hulk and his chains give him good options for kid range combat. I just don’t think it will be enough to stop Bison. Bison will not have the edge physically but his psychic abilities change the rules of the game. His speed will let him dodge long enough for the hits to connect and they will eventually net him the win. Bison wins.

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Sonic vs Bison

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Suggested by Anonymous Now, Bison is a pretty skilled opponent and will give it a real shot. Sonic won’t be able to humiliate this guy for very long, but he will still have the overall edge. Bison psycho powers won’t work well enough if Sonic is too fast to be hit by him. Sonic has his spin dash and homing attack at he ready. They aren’t very flashy, but they are effective and that’s what counts. Sonic wins.

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Bison vs One Above All

Requested by Anon The One Above All is a pretty strong cosmic fighter. Supposedly he may be the strongest being in all of media. The problem is that we have yet to see any of his power on display. This makes me more than a little skeptical, but I like to think that this character has potential. Bison has already shown us his great potential and his attack power is more than enough to beat The One Above All at the moment. Maybe someday this could change…but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Bison wins.

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Bison vs Jin

Jin is quite possibly the strongest Tekken character existence and Bison has always been known as one of the high tier fighters in Street Fighter. His psychic abilities are very formidable and in his final form, Bison should not be taken lightly. That being said, Jin’s speed will be able to give him the edge and he can definitely hold his own in a long range battle. This would definitely be a great fight, but Tekken scores its first win against Street Fighter in this battle! Jin wins.

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Bison vs Sagat

Sagat is pretty skilled, but Bison is one of the strongest Street Fighter characters out there. In pure hand to hand, I would say that he is already superior to Sagat and Bison also has the advantage of having his special powers. Sagat won’t be able to keep up and he loses this round. Bison wins.