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Ghost Rider vs Bison

Suggested by iKnowledge Ghost Rider is a tough Marvel fighter who has grown to be quite powerful at different points in Marvel history. In his awakened form he was able to go toe to toe against World War Hulk and his chains give him good options for kid range combat. I just don’t think it will be enough to stop Bison. Bison will not have the edge physically but his psychic abilities change the rules of the game. His speed will let him dodge long enough for the hits to connect and they will eventually net him the win. Bison wins.

2 thoughts on “Ghost Rider vs Bison”

  1. I disagree. Knowing all the people Bison and Shadaloo have killed, unless Bison has grown two-3 more eyes, He would fall to the Penance Stare in enough agony to fell 8000 men.

    1. Ghost Rider would have a hard time catching him though and Bison would be zipping around the place. Even when they engage in hand to hand combat Ghost Rider would have to remain upright long enough to try and make eye contact.

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