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Nui Harime vs Ghost Rider

Suggested by iKnowledge Ghost Rider is definitely a very powerful Marvel character. He’s gone up against Hulk in his World War form as well as Galactus. That being said, he will be utterly powerless against Nui’s speed and destructive capabilities. Ghost Rider’s healing factor and durability will certainly keep him in the fight for a little while, but ultimately he will just be delaying the inevitable here. Nui Harime wins.

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Dio Brando vs Ghost Rider

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for Dio Brando to take the stage once more. His super speed is quite impressive and really balances out his time/ice abilities. Ghost Rider is very strong and at his best he is considered to be one of Marvel’s heavy weights. Still, his speed isn’t great enough to match up against Brando. If the Rider was a little more durable than perhaps he would stand a chance, but even then it would be a very rough fight. Dio won’t let his guard down either so there’s no chance of a sneak attack. Dio Brando wins.

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Ghost Rider vs Bison

Suggested by iKnowledge Ghost Rider is a tough Marvel fighter who has grown to be quite powerful at different points in Marvel history. In his awakened form he was able to go toe to toe against World War Hulk and his chains give him good options for kid range combat. I just don’t think it will be enough to stop Bison. Bison will not have the edge physically but his psychic abilities change the rules of the game. His speed will let him dodge long enough for the hits to connect and they will eventually net him the win. Bison wins.

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Sonic vs Ghost Rider

Suggested by Anonymous Ghost Rider has had a lot of hype appearances over the years. One of those moments was when he took down the legendary Galactus. Unfortunately for this motorcycle monster, Sonic won’t go down quite as easy. Sonic is incredibly fast so catching him is out of the question and you can’t hope to outfight him either. That leaves only one option, total defeat. I’m serious, Ghost Rider is just too slow and Super Sonic form would deal him a lot of damage. Sonic wins.

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Ghost Rider vs Casper

Suggested by Jimmy Biscuits I like Casper as much as the next guy, but he’s not really a fighter. He can use his intangibility to mess with Ghost Rider but I don’t think it will offer him much protection against the hellfire. Ghost Rider deals with spirits and ghosts all the time, this will just be another day in the average week for him. Casper’s best chance is to fly around and shoot energy blasts as he evades the Rider’s attacks but I don’t think he quite has the speed for that. Ghost Rider wins.

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Bullseye vs Ghost Rider

Suggested by DarkLK Bullseye is good at hitting targets, but he isn’t that good at actually dealing with supernatural foes like Ghost Rider. I mean let’s be serious here, do you really think he stands a chance against a foe who took down Galactus like it was nothing? I don’t think so, it’ll be too much for him. A single blow would completely take him out of the fight and then it would be game over. Ghost Rider wins.

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Ghost Rider vs Spectre

Suggested by Destroz The Spectre is a fairly powerful cosmic being and one who has actually been shown to fight on occasion. This is mainly due to the fact that he tends to have a human host and he even became a Black Lantern temporarily. In the Silver Age he even went toe to toe with Superman and the Man of Steel was very strong back then. Ghost Rider has super good feats of his own and is one of the stronger Marvel characters, but I don’t think he could take a punch from Silver Age Superman. Ultimately, that’s really the deciding factor here. Spectre wins.

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Plutonian vs Ghost Rider

This is another pretty close fight, but Ghost Rider doesn’t have quite as many options as Thor. Plutonian can fly at high speeds so you really need to have a good level of air speed in order to keep up with him. Ghost Rider has an incredible ground game, but it won’t be enough since Plutonian can space him out and just fire off some good “heat vision” blasts from afar. Ghost Rider will have a very tough time trying to make this a close quarters fight once the battle has started and he won’t be able to last. Plutonian wins.

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Balki Bartokomous vs Ghost Rider

Balki Bartokomous is back, but now he’s here to lose against Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider is a powerful being who defeats opponents while riding on his motorcycle. That certainly takes a great deal of power and finesse. We’ve never seen Balki display such skill and he’s only as strong as the average human. A single punch will be able to knock him out of commission. Ghost Rider wins.

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Ghost Rider vs Carnage

Ghost Rider is back, but now he’s up against Carnage! Carnage is every bit as dangerous as Venom and he always gives Spiderman a very good fight. His reflexes and speed are top notch and Carnage has absorbed many powerful combatants in his day. Ghost Rider’s powers are impressive, but he’s strictly a close combat fighter and Carnage can strike at him from afar. (Ghost Rider can shoot fire and throw his chain around, but those aren’t great long range options. The fire is usually pretty good, but Ghost Rider isn’t as adept at using it as a blast) Carnage wins.