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Plutonian vs Ghost Rider

This is another pretty close fight, but Ghost Rider doesn’t have quite as many options as Thor. Plutonian can fly at high speeds so you really need to have a good level of air speed in order to keep up with him. Ghost Rider has an incredible ground game, but it won’t be enough since Plutonian can space him out and just fire off some good “heat vision” blasts from afar. Ghost Rider will have a very tough time trying to make this a close quarters fight once the battle has started and he won’t be able to last. Plutonian wins.

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Thor vs Plutonian

The Plutonian is certainly one of the most powerful parodies of Superman. His abilities actually aren’t physical, but simply appear to be due to his psionic abilities. Don’t get the wrong idea though, The Plutonian is incredibly powerful and he will certainly give Thor quite the fight. I’m inclined to say that Thor pulls out a close victory here, but he will definitely have a tough time dealing with The Plutonian’s speed. Thor’s experience is what will be the deciding factor here as Plutonian never got to show off his abilities quite as often. Thor wins.

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Plutonian vs Poncho

The Plutonian is pretty powerful and fast. Within seconds he can destroy large areas, but Poncho has his good ole agility on his side. With some quick moves and a couple of high jumps…he may be in it to win it! Still, agility never helped much against the Plutonian’s speed and power. Plutonian wins.