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Manchester Black vs Ghost Rider

Manchester Black is a Superman villain who isn’t very well known. He appeared in one of the movies, but he’s not an impressive fighter. He relies on sheer numbers and plans to take down his opponents. Manchester Black’s barriers definitely won’t faze Ghost Rider and they will quickly be burned away. One shot from Ghost Rider’s penance stare will end this match. Ghost Rider wins.

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Ghost Rider vs Venom

This would definitely be a pretty great fight. Venom has gone up against the likes of Superman in the past and Ghost Rider has taken on the Hulk when he was in his World War Hulk form. In this case, Venom’s versatility and powerful moves should give him the edge. Ghost Rider’s chain attacks are strong, but they are not very quick, which will give Venom the edge that he needs to win. Both of these fighters have a lot of durability so it should be a long match. Venom wins.

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Moondark vs Ghost Rider

Moondark may seem to be pretty impressive, but he’s no match for Ghost Rider. His tricks just won’t be enough to enslave someone with such power. Ghost Rider stood up to World War Hulk in the past and that immediately means that he’s out of Moondark’s league. It’s been a while since the Rider fought on the blog, so it’s good to see him take a win. Ghost Rider wins.

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Ghost Rider vs Gemini Saga


Gemini Saga has enough power to take out Ghost Rider in one blow! That’s the kind of power only found in extremely powerful opponents like Gemini Saga. Ghost Rider is a tough being to be sure, but in the end he can’t really beat Gemini Saga. Gemini Saga’s just far too fast and powerful. Gemini Saga wins.

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Hulk vs Ghost Rider

This is a tougher match than it first appears. Ghost Rider has showed in the past that he has more than enough skills to take down the Hulk. The Hulk may be strong, but in the end he lacks speed. Of course that’s normal form. In cosmic form the battle takes a bit of a turn. Ghost Rider has been said to have nearly limitless power. Soooooo in the end…the winner isssssss…Ghost Rider wins.

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Ghost Rider vs Blackout

Ghost Rider has his motorcycle and has defeated guys like Blackout. Blackout always tries to be tough but fails. Ghost Rider has beaten guys much stronger than Blackout and lived to tell the tale. Blackout makes his debut in this match, but his legacy starts off with a loss. Ghost Rider wins.

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Ghost Rider vs Bass

This is a tribute to Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance. Ghost Rider loses to mere mortals so having him fight Bass is almost unfair. After all, Bass is the most powerful being in existence and can defeat anyone. His power knows no bounds and no being can last against him. Bass is invincible. Bass wins.

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Robin (Jason) vs Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is back once again. This time he’s taking on Robin (Jason) As with the the original Robin Ghost Rider is no match for Jason Todd. I haven’t seen anything to show that he could keep up with Todd’s skillz. Robin (Jason) wins.

Not even this Robin can win now. Ghost Rider wins.

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Robin vs Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider has his motorcycle and may be tough, but he’s not as tough as Robin. Robin has all of his Teen Titan skills and can take down anyone who tries to stop him. Ghost Rider is good, but he’s just not at Robin level. Robin wins.

As cool as Robin is, now he loses in the end. Ghost Rider wins.