Gethzerion vs Gemini Saga

Gemini Saga is known as one of the strongest Gold Saints across the whole franchise. His abilities are absolutely legendary and there aren’t many fighters who could hope to match him. His speed just leaves opponents in the dust and whether you take his Galaxian Explosion as literal or not, he has enough destructive power to end the match in an instant. Such is the power of a gold Saint. Gemini Saga wins.

Gemini Saga vs Slur

Suggested by Destroyer Slur is definitely a pretty tough fighter. After all, she was able to get some good hits in on Bass after all. That being said, anime Bass isn’t quite as OP as the manga version and Slur hasn’t shown that she is ready to deal with cosmic threats. Her hand to hand skills are good, but they simply won’t be fast enough to stop Gemini Saga. His Gold Armor will protect him well and his attacks will still be as devastating as they’ve always been. Gemini Saga wins.

Gemini Saga vs Guyver

Suggested by Dakota Walton Gemini Saga is an incredibly powerful figure who has made his presence known on this blog. He Galactian Exposion would wipe Guyver out. Guyver is a very tough fighter so it’s not like anything would take him out of the fight with ease, but he doesn’t have the physical abilities needed to take on someone like Saga. Gemini Saga’s armor would protect him from all attacks and with his speed I doubt they would land in the first place. Gemini Saga wins.

Gemini Saga vs Trunks

Suggested by Destroyer Gemini Saga is pretty powerful to be sure. His solar system destroying abilities are nothing to sneeze at. That being said, Trunks can match him move for move and then some. Trunks has achieved Super Saiyan 3 and his rage knows no bounds. It should be a really good fight, but Gemini Saga just won’t be able to keep him down. Trunks wins.

Gemini Saga vs Madara

20140118021508!Uchiha_Madara (1)
This could be a pretty controversial match. Earlier, Gemini Saga lost to Naruto on the blog and Madara is about on par with Naruto, perhaps even stronger. Gemini Saga’s armor is impressive and he can fly, but Madara’s abilities are just as formidable. I am definitely leaning towards Madara taking the victory in this match, but that is subject to change as Gemini Saga has a pretty impressive rep and it’s likely for a reason. It’s definitely a close battle! Madara wins.

Gemini Saga vs Leon (Resident Evil)

Gemini Saga is back and now he’s going to go up against Leon. Leon has his gun at the ready and you can’t deny that he has a lot of determination with him. Unfortunately, that’s typically not enough to defeat a Gold Saint. Gemini Saga has speed and power that are almost beyond comprehension and Leon wouldn’t be able to cope with that. Gemini Saga wins.

Gemini Saga vs Master Roshi

Master Roshi may be in the DBZ show, but that doesn’t mean that he can take down Gemini Saga. Gemini Saga has his Galactian Explosion and one good hit would take Master Roshi down for good. Roshi just wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of power. Gemini Saga is massively FTL and his super strength is also very impressive. Gemini Saga wins.

Gemini Saga vs Link

Link has his Master Sword at the ready and it could be debated that he could pierce Gemini Saga’s armor with it. That would be a good debate, but it doesn’t matter all that much in the long run. Link would not be able to keep up with Saga’s speed and the energy blasts would eventually cut though Link’s shields. No matter how I look at it; Gemini Saga has the significant edge in this battle. Gemini Saga wins.

Beerus vs Gemini Saga

Gemini Saga is back, but he’s up against one of the stronger fighters on the blog. Saga may have an impressive amount of speed and power to back him up, but it just won’t be enough against Bills. Bills was even able to take on Super Saiyan 3 Goku and that’s a pretty good feat. I’m afraid that Gemini Saga will be losing this round, but I’m sure that it would be a good fight. Bills wins.

Gemini Saga vs Hulk

Gemini Saga already defeated Red Hulk and Thor in the past and he now goes up against the original Hulk! Hulk may be powerful, but Gemini Saga can match him physically. Saga also has the advantage of high speed flight on his side and a single energy blast could potentially take the Hulk out of the fight. The Hulk simply cannot keep up with Gemini Saga and the green behemoth would eventually be taken down. Gemini Saga wins.