Leon (Cardfight) vs Leon (Resident Evil)

Leon (Cardfight) is back once again in this final match against another Leon. He defeated the first two and this match will be another easy victory for him. Leon (Resident Evil) may have a gun, but bullets aren’t enough against one who has mastered the win. Leon (Cardfight) won’t even need any of his dragons in order to deal with this human. Leon (Cardfight) wins.

Gemini Saga vs Leon (Resident Evil)

Gemini Saga is back and now he’s going to go up against Leon. Leon has his gun at the ready and you can’t deny that he has a lot of determination with him. Unfortunately, that’s typically not enough to defeat a Gold Saint. Gemini Saga has speed and power that are almost beyond comprehension and Leon wouldn’t be able to cope with that. Gemini Saga wins.