Johnny Test vs Johnny Quest

Suggested by Destroyer Johnny Quest has a lot of gadgets and is a judo master but I don’t think that will be enough to stop Johnny Test here. Test can shoot out fire attacks which would melt through any of Quest’s armors. He can also use sonic waves to hit him while inside any kind of mech suit. There just isn’t any way for Johnny Quest to close the distance here without developing some true powers. Johnny Test wins.

Johnny Test vs Leon (Resident Evil)

Suggested by Destroyer Leon is a great fighter with a gun and he does have abilities that are greater than that of an average person. It just won’t be enough to defeat Johnny Test here. Johnny has a whole lot of abilities from sonic booms to fire powers. He seems to just keep on appearing with new abilities all the time and Leon won’t be able to keep up with his teleportation. No matter how you slice it, Leon’s not winning this round. Johnny Test wins.

Spyro vs Johnny Test

Johnny Test is back and he’s up against everyone’s favorite purple dragon. Spyro may have started out as a lower tier fighter, but he’s gotten stronger as the games progressed. With powers over the elements and a good amount of speed during flight; it will be tough for Johnny Test to stop Spyro. Johnny Test is tough in his own right and this match would be close, but I believe that Spyro has the edge. Spyro wins.

Johnny Test vs Shadow

Johnny Test may have his own TV show, but that won’t be enough to take Shadow down for the count. Shadow has his Chaos Control abilities to slow Johnny down and then he can finish things up with a speedblitz. Johnny isn’t fast enough to dodge Shadow’s attacks and he’s not strong enough to get through them. Shadow wins.