Marshadow vs Spyro

Suggested by Sonic Spyro is a dragon with a lot of cool elemental attacks but ultimately they aren’t going to be doing much against Marshadow. This Pokemon has elemental attacks of his own and the ability to use darkness as he pleases. Spyro will not be able to catch him and certainly doesn’t have the defensive abilities needed to tank the hits for very long. This is not a fight that he can hope to win. Marshadow wins.

Sonic vs Spyro

Suggested by Sonic Sonic is one of the greatest video game characters of all time and his fighting abilities are completely out of this world. Spyro has obtained elemental abilities in the past, but they won’t even slow Sonic down. Sonic has taken on many enemies ranging from planetary overlords to an old genius. He knows how to handle his opponents in combat and Spyro will just be the latest in a long line of conquests. Sonic wins.

Spyro vs Johnny Test

Johnny Test is back and he’s up against everyone’s favorite purple dragon. Spyro may have started out as a lower tier fighter, but he’s gotten stronger as the games progressed. With powers over the elements and a good amount of speed during flight; it will be tough for Johnny Test to stop Spyro. Johnny Test is tough in his own right and this match would be close, but I believe that Spyro has the edge. Spyro wins.

Spyro vs Simon (Gurren Lagann)

Spyro is a powerful dragon and he has already taken a solid win on the blog with his first battle, but he mustn’t stay undefeated for long! Simon is far too powerful and he could likely defeat Spyro in a fair 1 on 1 fight. Spyro just won’t be able to deal with Simon’s level of intense power. Simon (Gurren Lagann) wins.

Spyro vs Crash

Crash and Spyro are definitely huge rivals and people love their games. I haven’t really played the Crash games yet, but Spyro is usually pretty fun. (The DS game may be a little iffy) I think that Spyro’s flight definitely gives him the edge in this battle and Crash won’t really be able to keep up. He has some solid weapons, but Spyro has natural elemental abilities. Spyro wins.