Marshadow vs Spyro

Suggested by Sonic Spyro is a dragon with a lot of cool elemental attacks but ultimately they aren’t going to be doing much against Marshadow. This Pokemon has elemental attacks of his own and the ability to use darkness as he pleases. Spyro will not be able to catch him and certainly doesn’t have the defensive abilities needed to tank the hits for very long. This is not a fight that he can hope to win. Marshadow wins.

Kang The Conqueror vs Marshadow

Marshadow has returned to fight once more, but his abilities aren’t quite enough to help him win this time. Marshadow has some nice abilities utilizing the shadows, but get around that gimmick and he isn’t exceptionally strong or fast. Kang has enough tech to help him compensate for all of Marshadow’s abilities. He can attack and defend at the same time which will be really hard for Marshadow to get around. This is one time where Poke power is not enough. Kang The Conqueror wins.

Marshadow vs War Wolf

A War Wolf is pretty tough but really they are only a threat when in a large group. One of them taking on Marshadow is simply not going to be enough. Marshadow is vastly more powerful a single shadow punch should end the round. I don’t see War Wolf getting up after taking a direct hit there. At most this wolf can probably run and dodge for a little while, but ultimately I expect that Marshadow is faster. Marshadow wins.

Marshadow vs Bass

Marshadow is a powerful Pokemon. He’s definitely not someone that you can afford to underestimate. Trust me, it just won’t go well. Still, Bass is the strongest being in all of media so you can cut him a bit of slack there. Even if he looks down on Marshadow to an extent he will still be able to pull out the win. You just can’t hope to stop a being of his caliber. One Darkness Overload attack and it’s all over. Bass wins.

Marshadow vs Little Mac

Suggested by Sonic Little Mac is definitely a solid fighter, but so is Marshadow. Marshadow knows hand to hand combat like the back of his hand and also has many elemental attacks to give him the edge here. Little Mac will be able to dodge and parry for a while, but eventually Marshadow’s superior speed and power will prove to be the edge here. There just isn’t much that Little Mac will be able to do against this level of ability. Marshadow wins.