Gemini Saga vs Link

Link has his Master Sword at the ready and it could be debated that he could pierce Gemini Saga’s armor with it. That would be a good debate, but it doesn’t matter all that much in the long run. Link would not be able to keep up with Saga’s speed and the energy blasts would eventually cut though Link’s shields. No matter how I look at it; Gemini Saga has the significant edge in this battle. Gemini Saga wins.

4 thoughts on “Gemini Saga vs Link

  1. there is no debate, the Master Sword vanquishes evil, that is its purpose. so it can penetrate his armor. in Saint seyia series, Gemini Saga’s weakness is his evil side, meaning the Master sword would easily pull in heavy damage.
    Gemini Saga wins 99 out of 100 battles against Link. remember that Link has Dins fire, Nayru;s love, and Fayores wind, allso the ocarina to freeze Gemini for a good 5 seconds like he does zombies, and the Deity mask, making him God like. light arrows do massive damage to evil.
    i couldnt say that Link could tank a single punch since it s a planet buster, and Link has never withstood a planet busting attack.
    Link can teleport, have an infinite defense for quite a long time, have a severely damaging attack that can be used quite a bit in a fight but not spammed.
    if this was all set to a real match, Gemini just teleports behind Link and stabs him with a blade that kills gods. every time. 1 million wins, out of 1 million fights. but it wouldnt be interesting like that now would it?

    • The Master Sword would inflict heavy damage to Gemini Saga’s soul if it were to connect, but there’s still the question of whether it could harm the armor. The armor itself isn’t really evil as it’s just the wearer who is a little corrupted on the inside.

      As for the fight, I agree that Link wouldn’t really be able to win. The Light Arrows are formidable, but Gemini Saga should be able to dodge it because I don’t believe that the Ocarina would be able to freeze him for 5 seconds. Gemini Saga is just too powerful and he could likely pump up his aura to blow everything away. I agree that one really good punch from Saga would likely be enough to win.

      I agree, I like to think of the match outcomes in as interesting a way as possible. So, maybe Link launching a lot of attacks and Gemini Saga dodging and dodging until he finally gets serious and nukes the planet. Something like that is how I like to picture it 🙂

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