Master Roshi vs Sailor Mars

Suggested by Destroyer Master Roshi is back once more. This time he is up against one of the stronger Sailor Scouts. He has to be careful when fighting against Mars or Roshi is going to get burned. Still, his muscle form should give him enough speed to dodge any of her attacks and his Kamehameha is still the same game changing weapon that it always was. Mars doesn’t have any real efficient ways of dealing with it. Even if she can dodge for a while, she has less stamina than Roshi and will eventually go down. Master Roshi wins.

Master Roshi vs Sailor Moon

Suggested by Destroyer Master Roshi is pretty old so that should help Sailor Moon’s chances considerably. That being said, he is still quite the fighter. He is able to use the Kamehameha wave which can destroy many foes in a single shot. His speed is also still fairly considerable so Sailor Moon will have a hard time hitting him. Moon’s durability also isn’t great so a single shot will be the end of her. It looks like Roshi is really making short work of the scouts. Master Roshi wins.

Master Roshi vs Sailor Venus

Suggested by Destroyer Master Roshi shouldn’t really be called a master since pretty much all of his pupils surpassed him. The guy just isn’t ready for the big leagues. Still, he does have the Kamehameha at his disposal which can easily beat whatever attacks Venus throws his way. She won’t be able to dodge and even if she lands the first hit it won’t be enough to KO Roshi. Master Roshi wins.

Master Roshi vs Sailor Jupiter

Suggested by Destroyer Roshi is back and now he is up against Jupiter. Jupiter does have some actual hand to hand experience which will come in handy here. Her thunder attacks are nothing to sneeze at either but at the same time they won’t deal quite enough damage to really matter. Roshi’s defensive abilities will be more than enough to handle it. Master Roshi wins.

Master Roshi vs Sailor Mercury

Suggested by Destroyer Mercury may not have the most impressive abilities from the scouts but her water abilities can at least make it harder to see her. At the same time, Roshi doesn’t need to see her since he can read ki. With one of her best tricks rendered moot in this fight Mercury has no real way of winning this time. Master Roshi wins.

Master Roshi vs Yami Yugi

Suggested by Anonymous While Yami does have the edge in monsters here, I don’t think he will be able to stop Roshi. Roshi has Ultra Instinct now and that will complement his speed to a dangerous level. Yami will have a tough time keeping up with him and even his monsters won’t be able to protect the duelist for long. The Kamehameha waves will leave too much of an impact. Master Roshi wins.

Master Roshi vs Space Dandy

Suggested by Destroyer Space Dandy is a pretty sad character and one of those guys you can’t possibly root for. Roshi is another one of those guys so this makes for a match where no matter who wins…we lose. Still, the difference in power is considerable as Roshi can blow up the planet with ease. Space Dandy has a nifty gun but it isn’t anywhere near as lethal and he also doesn’t have the speed to keep up with Roshi. He’ll lose as soon as the round starts. Master Roshi wins.

Zamasu vs Master Roshi


Suggested by Anonymous Zamasu is one of the strongest Dragon Ball Super villains out there. He can end the solar system in a single shot with ease. He has FTL combat speed and that means game over for Master Roshi. Roshi is entering the tourney along with Goku and the others, but I’m not buying it. Far as I’m concerned he is never going to be on Zamasu’s level. He is only human after all and has limitations. Zamasu wins.

Master Roshi vs Manda

Suggested by Destroyer Roshi is one of the most unlikable characters in all of DBZ. That being said, he is still a DBZ character so he won’t be going down very easily. He can destroy whole planets in a snap while Manda couldn’t destroy a town in that time. Manda would get speedblitzed on all sides and wouldn’t even have time to launch a single attack. He’s simply outgunned. Master Roshi wins.

Master Roshi vs Ryoma

Master Roshi may have the Kamehameha wave, but Ryoma would simply knock it back at him with his tennis racket. Ryoma would then speedblitz him with his incredible speed and put an end to the match with a solid punch. Master Roshi would be on the defensive for the majority of the match and he would be rendered helpless. Ryoma wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Roshi is still a DBZ fighter even if he is one of the weaker ones. He won’t be able to claim victory here. Master Roshi wins.