Master Roshi vs Manda

Suggested by Destroyer Roshi is one of the most unlikable characters in all of DBZ. That being said, he is still a DBZ character so he won’t be going down very easily. He can destroy whole planets in a snap while Manda couldn’t destroy a town in that time. Manda would get speedblitzed on all sides and wouldn’t even have time to launch a single attack. He’s simply outgunned. Master Roshi wins.

Blastman vs Manda

Manda is a tough summoning monster, but he’s no match for Blastman. Blastman’s fire abilities are decently impressive and the damage would add up. Manda is durable so it would certainly be a while before the snake went down, but he would definitely go down in the end. Blastman is just too powerful. Blastman wins.

Megalon vs Manda

Megalon has lasers and with them he’s incredibly powerful! With one punch he can do some massive damage and his drills aren’t to be underestimated! Manda is fast, but he lacks special abilities. I’m afraid he drops down the ranks with this loss. Megalon shows the world why he’s a winner! Megalon wins.

Manda vs Ultron

Manda is a pretty big snake, but in the end he can’t win this round. Ultron has a lot of energy blasts which he could use to spam Manda. Manda is strong, but not even he can take on the blasts that Ultron can dish out for long. Ultron is just far too powerful. Manda drops down the ranks with this loss. Ultron wins.

Manda vs Quicksilver

Quicksilver has speed that he can use to his advantage. Manda has some abilities that let him overwhelm Quicksilver. For instance one bite and Quicksilver will be (Pun intended) Toast. Pretty sad for Quicksilver, but it’s the way it goes. Manda wins. But Quicksilver has some magic power which helps him win this one. Quicksilver wins.