Megalon vs Manda

Megalon has lasers and with them he’s incredibly powerful! With one punch he can do some massive damage and his drills aren’t to be underestimated! Manda is fast, but he lacks special abilities. I’m afraid he drops down the ranks with this loss. Megalon shows the world why he’s a winner! Megalon wins.

Megalon vs Chunk

Megalon has his powerful drills and he just needs one good hit to take down the Chunk for good! The Chunk has a gun at his disposal and he’s also got some nifty speed. He spit out a diamond so quickly that it actually hit the Flash once! Of course it doesn’t change the fact that Megalon wins this round. Megalon wins.

Light vs Megalon

Megalon has always been one of the cooler Godzilla characters out there and he’s ready for a nice win. Light is a pretty tough human, but in the end a human can’t hope to defeat such a powerful kaiju. Megalon rises up the ranks with this win and shows the world his immense power. This could just be the beginning! Megalon wins.

Lazerman vs Megalon

Megalon may be powerful, but in the end he lacks the skills to take down Lazerman. Lazerman has the disruption beam which lets him one shot characters a lot. Megalon is one of them. He’s strong, but he’s not quite Lazerman level. Lazerman rises yet again in the ranks. Lazerman wins.

Hibito vs Megalon

Megalon is pretty powerful and with his drills he tries to get everybody. Of course Hibito is much too fast for Megalon, and with one good sword slash it’s all over. Witness the power of awesomeness! Hibito rises up the blog with this win, but for how long? That’s the question! Hibito wins.

Titanosaurus vs Megalon

Titanosaurus is definitely a strong monster, but he’s still not quite as powerful as Megalon. Megalon has enough power to blast Titanosaurus into oblivion. For all of Titanosaurus’s strength he lacks beam power. His Sonic beam is still a good one, but can he beat Megalon? For now I’m inclined to say no. Megalon wins.

Megalon vs Rodan

Megalon is back for another win. With his incredible strength and his beams there are few that he can’t beat. Rodan is fast and with beams of his own he can prove a threat to many opponents. Of course in the end he lacks the physical strength of Megalon. Megalon is rising pretty fast in the blog. Megalon wins.

Anguirus vs Megalon

Anguirus is finally on the blog. Of course while he’s a Giant Monster he still lacks the skills of Megalon. Megalon is a giant monster who can shoot energy blasts. Because of this Anguirus stood no chance. Megalon may not be the strongest monster out there, but he’s definitely deadly enough to take down many. Megalon wins.

King Caesar vs Megalon

King Caesar has always been a formidable foe, but in the end he’s not quite as strong as Megalon. Megalon has enough laser power to send King Caesar back to his mountain. King Caesar just doesn’t have enough firepower to take him down. Megalon takes this win and rises further into the blog. Megalon wins.

Megalon vs Godzilla

Megalon is back, but this time he’s fighting the King of the Monsters. Godzilla usually wins thanks to his Atomic Breath and Burnin Form. Godzilla is in another league than Megalon. Megalon may have been tough in his day, but in the now he has no chance against Godzilla’s intense power. Godzilla wins.