Light vs Sharktopus

Suggested by Destroyer Light is a very crafty guy but ultimately he isn’t really a direct fighter like that. Sharktopus has the edge in how savage he is and how he can close the distance in an instant. Light’s notebook won’t be all that helpful in a fight like this and he just isn’t fast enough to run away or land any counter attacks. It’s the end of the line for him. Sharktopus wins.

Moonface vs Light

Suggested by Destroyer Light is a tactical genius, but trying to take down an opponent as skilled in combat as Moonface is will still be difficult. Light may be able to anticipate his moves but at the end of the day the genius is still just a human. His intellect may even be a weakness as he will realize right away that he stands absolutely no chance of victory. It’s over for him. Moonface wins.

Kiva vs Light

Light is a great tactical fighter who is always ready to make the winning play, but he’s not much of a
fighter and you can’t win a battle with brains alone. Kiva has raw power and speed, which makes for a deadly combo at his disposal. Light doesn’t have a chance at overtaking him in this battle and the gap in their abilities is too great. A single energy shot from Kiva will end this battle, but at least Light can have a final laugh before it hits him. Light always went out in a grand way. Kiva wins.

Light vs Brook

I always thought that Light was a pretty awesome villain. Sure, he was little insane with his whole idea that he was still a hero delivering justice, but he was brilliant and had some great schemes. Unfortunately for Light, being likable is definitely not enough if you want to win fights. Brook is essentially Light’s opposite in many ways, but he is a much more powerful fighter. A few swordstrikes is all that he will need to win this round. Brook wins.

Light vs Megalon

Megalon has always been one of the cooler Godzilla characters out there and he’s ready for a nice win. Light is a pretty tough human, but in the end a human can’t hope to defeat such a powerful kaiju. Megalon rises up the ranks with this win and shows the world his immense power. This could just be the beginning! Megalon wins.

Bahamut (SIN) vs Light

Light is back, but now he’s up against a pretty powerful opponent! Bahamut (SIN) has a pretty powerful energy/fire blast that can take down Light in a single shot. Light’s pretty athletic and he’s got a gun, but his agility won’t be able to save him for long. Bahamut (SIN) is just far too powerful. Bahamut (SIN) wins.

Sentry 459 vs Light

Light has his Deathnote, but I’m afraid that it won’t be enough to take the Sentry 459 down. Sentry 459 was able to take on the Avengers which is quite the feat. Plus, his defenses will be far too strong for Light to have any hope of getting through. Light has taken a loss, but he will be back. Sentry 459 wins.

The Doctor vs Light

The Doctor has a lot of gadgets at his disposal and while he’s not known for his hand to hand combat skills, he can fight if he needs too. Light has his legendary Death Note and he’s a Tennis pro, but in the end that may not be enough. If only he had some cool sci-fi weapons. The Doctor wins.

Lelouch vs Light

A battle of geniuses! These 2 figures may be the smartest characters out there! They’ve always kept the opponents guessing and are always at least 100 steps ahead. The only reason Light didn’t get to finish his plan was because heroes must prevail in the end and all. Lelouch actually did outsmart everyone in the end. Still in a battle of pure brains I’d go with Light. I’d say he had a tougher time of it. Being hunted by someone as smart as L is no joke! Lelouch is also smart, I’m just not sure he would have done as well without his Geass. Of course in this battle he wins handily. He does have a giant Mecha after all! Lelouch wins.