Meta Knight vs Sharktopus

Suggested by Sonic Meta Knight is a pretty fast character who is even able to keep up with Kirby. He would have no problem easily speed blitzing his way around the Sharktopus. Sharktopus specializes in slicing attacks so he would try to get in close to deal maximum damage but Meta Knight is agile enough to get around such techniques. When you factor in Meta Knight’s lightning based abilities then this is game over. Meta Knight wins.

Sharktopus vs Cheep Cheep

Suggested by Sonic I like a good Cheep Cheep and they can turn giant. That said, they don’t have much in the way of attacks while the Sharktopus can stab away at anyone who even gets close. There aren’t many options for the fish in this fight except for a quick escape. If anything his size will just make him a bigger target here since it’s not like he can do a whole lot to escape this upcoming onslaught. Sharktopus wins.

Gigan vs Sharktopus

Suggested by Destroyer Gigan has been taking opponents down for as long as I can remember. He is an incredibly fierce fighter who consistently outranks all who would dare oppose him. The Sharktopus is no exception. It may be a vicious fighter who chomps away at anything in its path, but Gigan is partially robotic so there’s really nothing for the Sharktopus to sink his teeth into. Gigan is too durable. Gigan wins.

Sharktopus vs Sailor Moon

Suggested by Destroyer Sharktopus is one of those creatures that has a pretty cool design and could beat most if not all real animals. Still, I don’t think it will be able to stand up to Sailor Moon’s strongest blasts. He will be blown away by that kind of energy attack and Sharktopus has no long range options to counter with. Sailor Moon wins.

Wii Fit Trainer vs Sharktopus

The Wii Fit Trainer is a pretty tough hand to hand fighter and we can safely assume that the Sharktopus is doomed in this encounter. He’s not quick enough to dodger her attacks and one shot from her Final Smash should be enough to end things here. The Sharktopus is tough to be sure, but he’s just not tough enough to win in this situation. Wii Fit Trainer wins.

Sharktopus vs Peach

The Sharktopus is reasonably tough, but he won’t be able to take Peach down for the count. Peach has her hand to hand experience from back in the day and her final smash can try to put Sharktopus to sleep. If all else fails, she can just run over Sharktopus with her Kart. The Sharktopus doesn’t really stand a chance here! Peach wins.

Megalodon vs Sharktopus

Megalodon is back and he’s ready to rumble! Sharktopus is an impressive fighter, but the huge size disadvantage will definitely hurt. Megalodon just needs one good crunch to end this match in an instant. Sharktopus takes a dip in the blog ranks with this loss. Megalodon wins.

Sharktopus vs Kraken

Sharktopus is a pretty deadly shark creature, but he may have met his match against the legendary Kraken! The Kraken is a giant monster capable of immense destruction and a good charge may be able to defeat the Sharktopus. For once the Kraken’s great size and brute strength will actually be a key point for his victory. Kraken wins.

Sharktopus vs Piranha

Piranhas are definitely a big threat in packs, but if it’s just one then I think Sharktopus should have this round. He’s a pretty powerful monster and he’s always ready to rumble! He’s definitely been on a roll lately and things could be looking pretty good for him on the blog. Sharktopus wins.

Sharktopus vs Alligator

The Alligator makes his blog debut, but he won’t be able to defeat such a vicious opponent. With one good shot the Sharktopus can take the Alligator down in an instant. Alligators just don’t have the raw agility and cunning that the Sharktopus has. The Sharktopus has risen up the blog ranks with this win. Sharktopus wins.