Sharktopus vs Piranha

Piranhas are definitely a big threat in packs, but if it’s just one then I think Sharktopus should have this round. He’s a pretty powerful monster and he’s always ready to rumble! He’s definitely been on a roll lately and things could be looking pretty good for him on the blog. Sharktopus wins.

4 thoughts on “Sharktopus vs Piranha

      • Horror films aren’t the best source for factual information. Besides that, the Red-bellied piranha(which I assume is the piranha you’re using; there’re several) is only 33 cm and 3.5 kg. Tiny but nasty.

      • Heh heh, well that was mostly in jest. Still, the Piranhas are definitely very small. Their bite is serious, but as long as you have a big stick, you’ll typically be fine. If you’re fighting underwater, then it gets dicey!

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