Mephiles vs Megalodon

Suggested by Destroyer Mephiles has returned and now he’s up against a big shark. Look, I have nothing against big sharks but they’re not ready to take down someone as powerful as Mephiles. It just isn’t happening, this guy is crazy powerful. He could fly rings around the beast and a single hit or maybe two would be enough to take that guy down. He just isn’t equipped to handle an evil hedgehog like this. Mephiles wins.

Cerberus (Disney) vs Megalodon

Suggested by Destroyer The Cerberus is a powerful creature that has elemental attacks. As we saw in Kingdom Hearts he was even able to take down Cloud. Now that’s rather crazy when you think about it. The Megalodon is a giant shark but he has no long range attacks which means that he will still be doomed as soon as the battle begins. Cerberus can spam attacks at will and ultimately there just isn’t much that Megalodon could do about that. Cerberus (Disney) wins.

Ebirah vs Megalodon

Suggested by Destroyer The Megalodon is indeed a large animal but Ebirah is larger still. Throw in the fact that Ebirah has pincers and this will be a wrap for the shark. He doesn’t have a great many attack options with which to overpower Ebirah here. That will be his downfall. Ebirah may not be the strongest Kaiju…but he is still a Kaiju nonetheless and won’t lose to your average monster. Not today! Ebirah wins.

Megalodon vs Gigan

Suggested by Destroyer The Megalodon is possibly large enough to be called a giant monster. This is an opponent who likely could hurt Gigan with his sheer size and power. Of course, Gigan has laser blasts and teleportation on his side which are very valuable to have in a fight. He is dangerous from any range and Megalodon simply won’t be able to endure the onslaught. Gigan even has his Final Wars form if necessary. Gigan wins.

The BioLizard vs Megalodon

The BioLizard is back and with one laser he can take the Megalodon down for good. Megalodon is strong and all, but that won’t be enough to save him this time. The BioLizard keeps on beating opponent after opponent after opponent. The Megalodon drops down the ranks with this loss, but he tried. The BioLizard wins.

Lazerman vs Megalodon

Megalodon is a giant shark who can bite with immense power. Lazerman has his disruption beam and with one hit he can defeat Megalodon in an instant. At least Megalodon put up a decent fight, but in the end it was all in vain. Lazerman is just too powerful to be defeated in this round. Lazerman wins.

Megalodon vs Sharktopus

Megalodon is back and he’s ready to rumble! Sharktopus is an impressive fighter, but the huge size disadvantage will definitely hurt. Megalodon just needs one good crunch to end this match in an instant. Sharktopus takes a dip in the blog ranks with this loss. Megalodon wins.

Megalodon vs Shark

Megalodon is pretty big and with one bite he could cause some intense damage! The Shark is pretty agile, but a Megalodon is basically a really big shark. I don’t think the Shark can overcome the size disadvantage and will lose this round. One day the Shark may be back. Megalodon wins.