Cerberus (Disney) vs Megalodon

Suggested by Destroyer The Cerberus is a powerful creature that has elemental attacks. As we saw in Kingdom Hearts he was even able to take down Cloud. Now that’s rather crazy when you think about it. The Megalodon is a giant shark but he has no long range attacks which means that he will still be doomed as soon as the battle begins. Cerberus can spam attacks at will and ultimately there just isn’t much that Megalodon could do about that. Cerberus (Disney) wins.

Cerberus (Disney) vs Allosaurus

Suggested by Destroyer An Allosaurus is a pretty dangerous dinosaur. With a single chomp it can deal absolutely massive damage to any and all opponents. As much as I like Cerberus, I just don’t see him being able to do a whole lot against Allosaurus if the dino also had 3 heads and a similar size. He doesn’t though so that’s game over. Cerberus will overwhelm him with physical ability and even some elemental blows for good measure. At the end of the day that means it is curtains for Allosaurus. Cerberus (Disney) wins.

Cerberus (Disney) vs Robin (Damian)

Suggested by Destroyer Cerberus is a pretty strong behemoth but I don’t think he is ready to handle the boy wonder. Robin got super powers at one point and they gave him extra speed and strength among other things. He’s not the normal kid that he used to be. Robin is now a fighter and one that can easily evade the Cerberus’ array of physical and elemental attacks. Robin (Damian) wins.

Space Godzilla vs Cerberus (Disney)

Space Godzilla is a powerful Kaiju, but he hasn’t had the best luck lately. I don’t think that will change here since he’s a little outmatched by Cerberus. Cerberus may not be as big as Space Godzilla, but he has a large array of projectiles to help even the odds. His powerful long range attacks give him the edge in this fight and I don’t see him losing here. Cerberus (Disney) wins.

Cerberus (Disney) vs Twinbellows

Cerberus (Disney) is back and he’s up against Twinbellows! Twinbellows definitely takes the win in the coolness factor, but he’s still going to lose this round. He’s fast, but Cerberus (Disney) has the projectile advantage and Twinbellows won’t be able to avoid the onslaught forever. Cerberus (Disney) wins.

Cerberus (Disney) vs Zilla

Cerberus (Disney) is back and this time he’s taking on the legendary Zilla! Zilla is pretty fast, but so is Cerberus (Disney). Cerberus (Disney) also has some epic lightning attacks to mix with his fire. I don’t think Zilla will be able to take down such a fierce beast. Cerberus (Disney) wins.

Cerberus (Disney) vs Lazerman

Cerberus (Disney) has three heads and with one chomp can do some massive damage. Of course this time he’s up against the mighty Lazerman! Lazerman is so fast he can speedblitz Cerberus (Disney). Powerwise Lazerman’s also not lacking. One good punch from Cerberus (Disney) can be enough. Lazerman wins.