Allosaurus vs T Rex

Suggested by Sonic The Allosaurus is a vicious dinosaur that is actually pretty impressive. A quick bite would end most other animals. The T Rex is still known as the king of dinosaurs for good reason though. He would be able to land a solid chomp here and take Allosaurus out of the running. With a battle of Dinosaurs like this it’s always going to be a close battle but the T Rex should be able to clutch it out. T Rex wins.

Cerberus (Disney) vs Allosaurus

Suggested by Destroyer An Allosaurus is a pretty dangerous dinosaur. With a single chomp it can deal absolutely massive damage to any and all opponents. As much as I like Cerberus, I just don’t see him being able to do a whole lot against Allosaurus if the dino also had 3 heads and a similar size. He doesn’t though so that’s game over. Cerberus will overwhelm him with physical ability and even some elemental blows for good measure. At the end of the day that means it is curtains for Allosaurus. Cerberus (Disney) wins.

Rhedosaurus vs Allosaurus

Suggested by Destroyer The Rhedosaurus is back and now he’s up against a classic dinosaur. The Allosaurus is not the kind of dinosaur that backs down in a fight. He’ll hold his own for a little while here, but once again the sheer size difference will be critical here. You just can’t hope to combat a monster that is many times your size without some kind of supernatural abilities. It’s just not happening. Rhedosaurus wins.

Allosaurus vs Peach

Allosaurus isn’t one of the strongest dinosaurs out there and he definitely won’t be able to take Peach down for the count. This is the month of Peach according to Nintendo so it’s good to see her snag a win. Her battle experience and hand to hand expertise guarantee that this is a swift victory. Peach wins.

Battra vs Allosaurus

The Allosaurus is a powerful dinosaur of immense power and one charge could scare most opponents. It just won’t be enough to take down Battra. Battra has the long range advantage thanks to his laser blasts, so defeating Allosaurus should be a simple matter for one such as him. Battra wins.

Allosaurus vs Zelda

Allosaurus is back, but against the magical might of Zelda he doesn’t stand a chance! Zelda’s better at hand to hand combat and one hit from her magical fire blast would win her the round. Allosaurus is fierce and powerful, but his lack of speed and energy blasts cost him the round. Zelda wins.

Cole Macgrath vs Allosaurus

Allosaurus is a pretty tough dinosaur, but he’s really been getting beat a lot lately. I’m afraid that this will be another loss for him. He just doesn’t have the skills needed to beat a warrior like Cole Macgrath. Cole Macgrath has taken his 2nd win in a row and risen up the ranks. Cole Macgrath wins.

Allosaurus vs Grave Joker

Grave Joker has some pretty intense beams at his disposal. One shot would be able to defeat the Allosaurus. Grave Joker hasn’t fought in a while, so this was a good way for him to rise up the ranks. He’ll be back for more pretty soon, but let’s see if it’s a win!? Grave Joker wins.

Raditz vs Allosaurus

Raditz-raditz-15919706-332-363 (1)
Allosaurus is a pretty intense fighter who knows the score. Still, his skills won’t be enough to take down Raditz. Raditz has taken on Goku in the past which is a pretty impressive feat in itself! Allosaurus definitely won’t be winning this round, but he gave it his all. Raditz wins.