Bryan Mills vs Orga

Suggested by Destroyer Bryan is back but he’s up against another Kaiju so you know things are about to get tricky for him. Bryan’s a tough guy but he just has no way to win here. Orga is a lot stronger than Bryan and he’s also more durable. Any possible attack that Bryan could try would instantly be countered with no other method left to try. Bryan’s unique skillset just won’t be enough here while Orga continues to move up the ranks. Orga wins.

Huey vs Orga

Suggested by Destroyer Huey is a fun character, but being a fighter was never his top concern. As a result he isn’t particularly powerful. Orga has the massive advantage in both raw power as well as ranged abilities. What really hurts Huey’s chances of winning here is that he has no real way to injure Orga. As it stands he just isn’t ready for this kind of fight and as a result will quickly be overwhelmed. Orga wins.

Bionic Bunny vs Orga

Bionic Bunny is pretty powerful even if he isn’t really meant to be taken seriously. He has some mild super strength and a good amount of speed as well. We know that this combo is pretty deadly for Kaiju so I don’t see Orga overcoming that. His attacks are deadly, but they simply won’t be able to hit this bunny. Bionic Bunny wins.

Iori vs Orga

This is surely going to be a controversial match, but you have Orga’s lack of speed to blame for it! Lori may technically be a human fighter, but his speed is certainly not at a level that a real person could achieve. Orga’s skin is very thick, but Lori should be able to pierce it and he can dodge the energy blasts that Orga has at his disposal. I know that it sounds pretty incredible, but that’s why Iori takes this round. Iori wins.

Orga vs Dracula (Batman)

I was unsure of who to pick in this battle since this is one of the few beings who possesses super speed and strength that Orga could actually give a decent fight. Dracula is powerful, but not impossibly so. That being said, I think he would have the edge here. Orga won’t be able to keep up with Dracula and Dracula’s super strength should start to whittle his health down until he eventually wins. Dracula (Batman) wins.

Orga vs Shy Guy

Shy Guy may have a mask on, but that doesn’t mean that he’s a hockey player! Shy Guy’s pretty intense when he wants to be and he’s actually scared some characters out of their wits just by removing his mask. Of course Orga wouldn’t be scared by such a tactic and he would take the win. Orga wins.

Thumbelina (DC) vs Orga

Thumbelina (DC) is a pretty tough person when she needs to be, but in the end she won’t be able to take down Orga. Orga is a kaiju of immense power and one good shot should be enough to take Thumbelina (DC) down. Thumbelina (DC) may have lost, but she may be back. Orga wins.

Orga vs Sin Eater

Sin Eater has his trusty gun, but in the end it won’t be enough to stop Orga. Orga has some powerful lasers at his disposal, but in the end he won’t even need them. One good punch from Orga should end this match before it’s even begun. Sin Eater’s been losing a lot, but maybe he’ll change that soon! Orga wins.

Orga vs Yosemite Sam

Yosemite Sam is back, but he’s up against Orga! Orga is a kaiju of immense power and he’s taken on Godzilla himself in the past! Yosemite Sam has his guns, but I think it’s safe to say that Orga is easily bulletproof. One good punch should take Yosemite Sam down for the count. Orga wins.

King Caesar vs Orga

King Caesar may have the edge in hand to hand combat, but he’d still be doomed in a fight. Orga is very powerful and his short burst of green energy can paralyze the opponent. Plus, his energy blast would take King Caesar down with ease. King Caesar just can’t take him down! Orga wins.