Ebirah vs Shy Guy

Suggested by Destroyer A Shy Guy may not look too intimidating at first but he is always someone who tends to hang around. Ebirah can’t hope to underestimate him too much or that will be curtains. That said, a single claw strike should still be sufficient. Shy Guy doesn’t really have a way of countering the blow, nor could he hope to dodge it. In the end that means that he will still fall in the end. Ebirah wins.

Rodan vs Shy Guy

Suggested by Destroyer Shy Guy may be a bit timid but at the end of the day he knows how to have a good rumble when it counts. Rodan is a Kaiju though so he can just endure Shy Guy’s attacks for hours or even days without really feeling any effects. Shy Guy’s offensive capabilities are just too limited and I wouldn’t say his speed is anything to smile at either. This puts him in a very difficult predicament. His best bet is to simply surrender. Rodan wins.

Titanosaurus vs Shy Guy

Suggested by Destroyer Shy Guy is a fun Mario villain. His mask protects himself as well as those around him. It means that Titanosaurus will really have a difficult time trying to do anything against such a fighter, but he won’t need to worry about the mask. Titanosaurus will just end this with a single punch and that won’t give Shy Guy time to do much of anything. I’m afraid that the sheer difference in size and power will be too much this time. Titanosaurus wins.

Shy Guy vs Sonic

Suggested by Sonic Shy Guy is a pretty tough guy, but he’s definitely not ready to take on someone like Sonic. Sonic’s got super speed for days and a lot of combat experience aside from all of that. When he uses the Chaos Emeralds Sonic can even achieve a Super state. At that point, there just isn’t anyone who can hope to challenge him. Shy Guy can try to run, but he simply can’t hope to escape this hedgehog. Sonic wins.

Shy Guy vs Pichu

Suggested by Destroyer Shy Guy is a pretty formidable Mario character, but he won’t really be able to keep up with Pichu’s speed. Pichu has destructive power and abilities that Shy Guy can only dream of. How can he hope to stop such a threat? Maybe if losing his mask gives Shy Guy super powers that could help, but until we see precisely what those abilities entail I’m afraid that he will have a difficult road up ahead. Pichu wins.

Shy Guy vs Storm Trooper

Suggested by Destroyer Shy Guys are pretty nice creatures. They play for keeps and are always ready to have a good time. They do also have guns of their own so we shouldn’t forget that. That being said, it’s not enough to stop a trooper. His energy blaster will make quick work of the minion. Storm Trooper wins.

Shy Guy vs Anguirus

Shy Guy is here to try and stop the mighty Anguirus, but it is a futile effort. Anguirus will just roll all over him and that will be the end of the match. Shy Guy is many things, but tall is not one of them. He simply can’t match up to the overwhelming power of Anguirus. One roar shall end the match before Shy Guy can think of a plan to win. Anguirus wins.

Battra vs Shy Guy

Shy Guys are very mysterious creatures, but in the end they lack the attack power needed to defeat Battra! Battra has lasers that he can use to defeat Shy Guy. Shy Guy’s quick, but I don’t think that he can endure such a powerful blast. Shy Guy may have lost this round, but he put up a decent fight. Battra wins.

Mecha Godzilla 2 vs Shy Guy

Shy Guy’s back, but he’s a bit out of his league in this round. Mecha Godzilla 2 just outclasses him in the power department and the size department. Shy Guy may have gotten a tough loss in this round, but the important thing is that he put up a brave fight. Mecha Godzilla 2 wins.

Orga vs Shy Guy

Shy Guy may have a mask on, but that doesn’t mean that he’s a hockey player! Shy Guy’s pretty intense when he wants to be and he’s actually scared some characters out of their wits just by removing his mask. Of course Orga wouldn’t be scared by such a tactic and he would take the win. Orga wins.