Battra vs Executioner

Suggested by Destroyer Battra is a powerful Kaiju but not one that is going to take down the legendary Executioner. The Executioner’s physical abilities are out of this world and with his axe he has even gone up against Thor in the past. He has enough physical strength to punch through Battra’s defenses and at the end of the day that is all that he will need to gain the advantage. From there it’s all a smooth battle for him. Battra wins.

Battra vs Mickey Mouse

Suggested by Destroyer Battra is a powerful Kaiju, there’s no doubting that but he is up against one of the Keyblade masters in Mickey Mouse. Mickey has always gone above and beyond the call of duty to help his friends and that’s still the case. His speed means that dodging Battra’s attacks will be easy and then he can even follow this up with his magical abilities. Battra is much too big of a target to even hope to escape. Mickey Mouse wins.

Battra vs Doc Samson

Suggested by Destroyer Battra is a tough Kaiju but Doc Samson is someone who has taken on the Hulk and even come out ahead. He would be able to completely overwhelm Battra and is quick enough to dodge the counter shots. Marvel heroes are no strangers to fighting giant monsters and this would just be another beast in a long line of defeated creatures. You would need a more powerful Kaiju to stop this guy. Doc Samson wins.

Battra vs Luke Skywalker

Suggested by Destroyer Battra can fire powerful energy blasts and was even able to give Godzilla a run for his money a while back. That ultimately begs the question, can Battra really hold his own against Luke in a prolonged fight? Well, he has good offense but ultimately I see him losing this because he has no defense against the Lightsaber. Luke can quickly go in there and slice him to bits while using the Force to dodge counter blows. Luke Skywalker wins.

Battra vs Jigglypuff

Suggested by Destroyer Jigglypuff is a powerful Pokemon that fans tend to sleep on quite a bit. He’s actually a real threat and can learn a large variety of attacks. Battra has a good laser blast at the ready and can fly really well, but that isn’t enough to protect you from an opponent this skilled. Jigglypuff will shoot Battra out of the sky and is fast enough to dodge any counter strikes. He’ll keep chipping away at Battra’s health until he secures the win. Jigglypuff wins.

Battra vs King Caesar

Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for a true Kaiju fight and this will be a tricky one. I’d argue that Battra has the edge in a straight fight, but what’s going to hurt him here is the fact that his energy attacks will be rendered null and void against King Caesar. Caesar can reflect the blasts and additionally thanks to the games he has lasers of his own. Physical strength won’t really come into play here since King Caesar can just keep Battra at a distance and chip away at his health. Battra can fly around to dodge for a while, but it will only delay the inevitable. King Caesar wins.

Battra vs Tarantula (Animal)

Suggested by Destroyer A Tarantula isn’t very scary to a Kaiju. It doesn’t even matter that this tarantula turned giant, it still won’t be able to do much of anything against a true Kaiju. Battra would be able to blast him to smithereens from a distance and this spider has no real counter to such a technique. The match would simply be over as soon as it has begun and then that would be game over. Battra wins.

Battra vs Lochness Monster

Suggested by Destroyer The Lochness Monster is a pretty powerful beast, but no ordinary monster can hope to take down a fully powered Kaiju. Battra has his laser blasts and a whole lot of raw power at his disposal. He can also fly which gives him the edge in mobility. He can keep on firing blasts and hovering at a safe distance until the match is over. There’s not much that the Lochness Monster can do about that. Battra wins.

Road Runner vs Battra

Suggested by Destroyer Battra is a tough Kaiju and can fire off some energy blasts. That is already enough to give him a pretty good edge over Road Runner. Road Runner just doesn’t have any attacks that can really deal any damage. Battra could endure all of the charges and kicks and will eventually land a hit. That one hit is enough to claim victory and will be the end of the match. Battra wins.

Spongebob vs Battra

Spongebob is back, but I’m afraid that victory won’t be arriving at his doorstep anytime soon! Battra will prove to be too much for this warrior. Spongebob doesn’t have the speed needed to give Battra a good fight and he’s also lacking in the raw power department. Baatra would just need a single laser blast or stomp to win this round. Battra wins.