Battra vs Tarantula (Animal)

Suggested by Destroyer A Tarantula isn’t very scary to a Kaiju. It doesn’t even matter that this tarantula turned giant, it still won’t be able to do much of anything against a true Kaiju. Battra would be able to blast him to smithereens from a distance and this spider has no real counter to such a technique. The match would simply be over as soon as it has begun and then that would be game over. Battra wins.

2 thoughts on “Battra vs Tarantula (Animal)

  1. Again, since Tarantulas only get that big in Science Fiction, Battra all the way. What’s up-and-coming, Red Sonja vs Wil. E. Coyote? Benito Mussolini vs a Silverback Gorilla? Griffith (Berserk) vs a Hippopotamus? Or even, Bucky Barnes (Marvel) vs. Cthulhu?. I am not in favor of these battles, and do not want them added.

    • Definitely a super one sided match all the way. There’s really nothing a Tarantula can hope to do against a Kaiju like Battra. The match is effectively over before it has even begun. I can say that there are a lot more one sided requests like this one.

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