Battra vs Tarantula (Animal)

Suggested by Destroyer A Tarantula isn’t very scary to a Kaiju. It doesn’t even matter that this tarantula turned giant, it still won’t be able to do much of anything against a true Kaiju. Battra would be able to blast him to smithereens from a distance and this spider has no real counter to such a technique. The match would simply be over as soon as it has begun and then that would be game over. Battra wins.

Rhedosaurus vs Tarantula (Animal)

Suggested by Destroyer The Rhedosaurus is a pretty powerful monster. It can crush people with a single movement and one bite would take most opponents down. The Tarantula is a pretty cunning animal and it can move reasonably fast, but I don’t think it would be reasonable to assume that it stands even the slightest chance in this round. It’s just not large enough to really do much of anything and it won’t really be dealing any damage here. Rhedosaurus wins.

Tarantula (Animal) vs Bass

a Jack Arnold Tarantula DVD Review PDVD_013
Tarantula (Animal) is back and now he’s up against the King of the Blog! These spiders can be pretty dangerous, but when they’re compared to a being as supremely powerful as Bass…well then it’s no contest! Bass has his legendary Earthbreaker and that should be enough to end the match in an instant. Bass wins.

Tarantula (Animal) vs Ant

a Jack Arnold Tarantula DVD Review PDVD_013
This is a tribute to Tarantula! This guy was definitely playing for keeps and nobody was safe! Ants are pretty powerful fighters, but I’d take a Tarantula over an Ant any day. These guys don’t know the meaning of fear and they just keep on coming until the opponent is a distant memory. Tarantula (Animal) wins.