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Alastor vs Sprocket

Alastor has been racking up some impressive wins and this match will end up being another one. Sprocket won’t be able to deal with Alastor’s impressive speed and sheer power. Alastor has taken on Viewtiful Joe in the past and he’s one of his deadliest adversaries. Few can match his power! Alastor wins.

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Hulk Davidson vs Alastor

Hulk Davidson may be pretty tough, but not even his motorcycle will be able to save him from the powerful abilities that Alastor possesses. Alastor just needs a good to land a solid slash on Hulk Davidson and the damage will be immense. I don’t think that Hulk Davidson would be able to stand up against him for long. Alastor wins.

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Gran Bruce vs Alastor

Gran-bruce (1)
I’ll admit that Gran Bruce’s design is pretty cool, but he won’t be winning this round. Alastor has thunder abilities after all, not to mention that his sword skills are very deadly. Gran Bruce is a tough fighter, but he just won’t be able to compete with such a heavy hitting fighter. Alastor wins.