Real Black Widow vs Peach

Black Widows can be pretty scary creatures when they sneak up on you at night, but they’re not that deadly during the day time. Peach has her umbrella and she can win this round with a single punch. The Black Widow just isn’t a match for her and even 100 of them would not be enough. Princess Peach easily claims victory in this round. Peach wins.

Real Black Widow vs Wii Fit Trainer

The Real Black Widow may be an impressive animal, but when Wii Fit Trainer steps into a fight…she doesn’t go down without a fight. After weighing her options; the Wii Fit Trainer would likely finish this off with her Final Smash ability, which makes clones of herself that explode and deal massive damage. The Black Widow would not be able to handle such an attack and the match would be over in an instant. Wii Fit Trainer wins.

Clover vs Real Black Widow

Real Black Widows are strong in numbers, but alone they can’t hope to defeat Clover. Clover is a giant monster and he just needs one good hit to take down most opponents. Real Black Widows are deadly and all, but that’s only if they can land a solid hit. Clover takes the win. Clover wins

Real Black Widow vs Cyber Shredder

Real Black Widow is a spider of unimaginable ingenuity. With his skills he has defeated many flies. Of course Cyber Shredder is really modern and knows how too fight. He wins this fight rather easily, but Real Black Widow will be back. He doesn’t back down from a fight. That’s for sure. Cyber Shredder wins.

Kurapika vs Real Black Widow

Real Black Widow is a spider with abilities that can only be thought of as pretty powerful. Kurapika has his chains which would take down Real Black Widow with ease. Or he could just use his fork like back in the good ole days. Kurapika wins.