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Yami Yugi vs Kurapika

Yami Yugi has dozens of cards at his disposal which he can use to overwhelm Kurapika. Kurapika’s eyes will ensure that Yami Yugi keep his guard up for the fight, but chains won’t be enough to slay Slifer The Sky Dragon! Yami Yugi also has dozens of other monsters he can call in an emergency. That’s Game Over for the scarlet heir. Yami Yugi wins.

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Majitani vs Kurapika

Kurapika_KO's_Majitani (1)
Kurapika is back and he’s up against the spider imposter! Majitani’s scare tactic may have worked on someone like Leorio, but against Kurapika he was doomed to fail. His plan backfired in the worst way possible and his fighting abilities aren’t really that good. Kurapika wins.

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Kurapika vs Uvogin

Uvogin had a lot of physical power at his disposal and remains as one of the stronger HXH characters. Still, after the most epic battle in the franchise, Kurapika was able to defeat Uvogin and proved that power can’t trump speed and good hand to hand combat. Kurapika takes this win and moves up the blog ranks. Kurapika wins.

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Killua vs Kurapika

Kurapika is a chain wielding hunter/body guard who can constrict opponents. Sadly he can only use it on members of the “Spiders” If he uses it on anyone else he will die. Killua is not a spider, but the strongest hunter. He has vast thunder powers and a super fast yoyo. He also has super speed and a super form. Both of them have hand to hand combat but Killua’s better at it. He can take you out without you noticing it. Killua wins.