Hikari Sakishima vs Nemo

Nemo is back again? Well at least this time the match does make a bit of sense though. See, Nemo and Hikari are both aqua type fighters but at the end of the day Nemo doesn’t have any real special abilities to try and put him ahead in this round. So his loss to Hikari is all but assured as he doesn’t really have a way to defend himself. A single good punch should take him down for the count and there’s just no getting back from that. Hikari Sakishima wins.

Miko Yotsuya vs Nemo

Miko Yotsuya may be afraid of ghosts and such but at the end of the day you can always count on her to try and help you out of a tough spot. I don’t think Nemo would intimidate her all that much and she should be able to take him down in a snap. Nemo doesn’t have the physical strength or durability needed to keep her at bay for very long. So ultimately she should be able to catch him and then that’s game over. Miko Yotsuya wins.

Larry Talbot vs Nemo

This is a tribute to the House of Dracula. You may wonder why Dracula didn’t get the tribute but his role isn’t as big as you would expect and Larry has the benefit of being a reoccurring character who actually has his plot completed here. That goes a long way and he had the most impact so it just made sense. He looked good when it counted and Nemo won’t be doing much of anything against him. The gap is just too big at this point. Larry Talbot wins.

Real Black Widow vs Nemo

Suggested by Destroyer This one’s actually a little tricky. Neither one of these characters are all that strong. Not to say that they’re super weak or anything…but that would also be fair to say. I would have to give Nemo the slight loss here even though he was so close. The Black Widow has better attack options with the sting while Nemo pretty much just has a slap since he can’t really bite. It puts him in a rocky position. Real Black Widow wins.

Tintin vs Nemo

This is a tribute to Tintin. He may have gotten beat up and knocked around a lot but ultimately nobody could get him off the case. He did well and would absolutely be able to take Nemo down. A little fish just isn’t going to be giving him a lot of problems here. Tintin’s got a gun and just as importantly, he’s got a whole lot of gadgets with him. Tintin wins.

Mike Banning vs Nemo

This is a tribute to angel has fallen. Mike Banning may have been on the run a lot here but I would say that he looked great overall. The guy took everything in stride at all times and was always ready to secure the win. Nemo can’t really do a whole lot against Mike here and doesn’t have the years of experience that Banning has. I don’t see Nemo lasting too long here. Mike Banning wins.

Woody vs Nemo

This is a tribute to Toy Story 2. Woody returns for another adventure and he still looked pretty good here. When you compare him to the other toys he still holds up as being a tough competitor. In terms of strength Nemo is pretty close to Woody, but Woody has weapons and gadgets at his disposal. Yeah they’re toy weapons but at this size they aren’t a bad idea. Woody wins.

Jirass vs Nemo

Suggested by Destroyer Jirass returns one last time to go up against Nemo. This could be a bit of a blowout if you think about it. Nemo isn’t really much of a fighter at all while Jirass’ whole character is about bringing down other monsters. The size difference can’t be ignored and the fact of the matter is that Nemo won’t be able to deal any damage. So when you look at it from that perspective, Nemo doesn’t stand a chance. Jirass wins.

Hellboy vs Nemo

Suggested by Anonymous Hellboy returns but now he’s up against Nemo. While the type advantage may not be in his favor that doesn’t mean Hellboy is just going to give up here. Nemo doesn’t really have the strength needed to stay on Hellboy’s level and none of his attacks will deal any damage. What this means is that Hellboy will have the clear advantage here. A few good haymakers and Nemo will definitely be down for the count in this round. Hellboy wins.

The Mandalorian vs Nemo

Suggested by Anonymous It’s been pretty rough for Nemo on the blog lately. He’s taking quite a few losses and this match will be no different. The Mandalorian is a powerful fighter who is equipped with blasters and all kinds of tech so that he can be prepared for any eventuality. As strong as Nemo is, he’s definitely not going to be prepared to fight this guy. Nemo would likely go down in a single hit and wouldn’t be able to deal any damage. The Mandalorian wins.