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Guyver vs Nemo

Suggested by Anonymous Guyver is back and he’s ready for another win! Nemo may be a good swimmer, but what can he really hope to do against an opponent as strong as Guyver? Guyver essentially has all of his stats amped up so each blow will really pack a punch. In comparison, Nemo’s attacks won’t hurt any more than a pillow and landing a hit on an opponent as quick as Guyver in the first place is probably not gonna happen. I’m afraid that Nemo is just doomed here. Guyver wins.

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Sherlock Holmes vs Nemo

Sherlock Holmes Basil Rathbone baskervilles 2

This is a tribute to the classic Hounds film of 1939. Sherlock Holmes is a great sleuth as always and uncovered the mystery right away. However, it won’t take nearly so much effort to take care of this little fish. Nemo can swim around quite a bit, but he has no real attacks while Holmes can easily use his jar to scoop Nemo up. Poor little guy never stood a chance. Sherlock Holmes wins.

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Lightning McQueen vs Nemo

This is a tribute to Cars. Lightning McQueen is definitely a fun race car and I can see why he has a lot of fans. He isn’t lacking in confidence and can definitely run a good race. Nemo is his polar opposite as the fish doesn’t have much confidence at all and isn’t very fast. At a glance you can probably tell who will win this fight. Nemo will just have a hard time dealing any damage here. Lightning McQueen wins.

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Larry Appleton vs Nemo

Suggested by Destroyer I like Nemo as much as the next guy but what is a fish going to do against a grown guy? Larry can throw a quick punch and then it is all over for Nemo. You can’t swim away from a big punch after all. Even if the fight takes place at an ocean with a single rocking chair, Nemo can’t hope to deal any damage. It’ll just be game over. Larry Appleton wins.

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Fludd vs Nemo

Suggested by Destroyer I like Nemo to an extent. He means well and really knows how to fish. That being said, I think Fludd may actually have the edge here. Sure, he isn’t the most mobile of fighters and I have always wondered just how strong his water blasts are, but they should at least be able to blast Nemo away. Nemo just isn’t ready for this kind of power and has no real attacks of his own. Fludd wins.

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Grasshopper vs Nemo

The tourney’s first round ends with this round….or it should have. Beast Boy got sick watching too many Teen Titans Go reruns so his round with Penguin has been very temporarily postponed. Here, it looked like Nemo could have had a shot at his first victory, but it wasn’t to be. In the film Beginning of The End, Giant Grasshoppers stormed the capital and dealt major damage. That means that via composite rules, Nemo is fighting a kaiju and he wasn’t prepared for that. I certainly wasn’t either, but the film definitely sounds very intense. Grasshopper will be moving on and maybe he’ll be able to win it all! Grasshopper wins.

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King Kong vs Nemo

This is a tribute to Kong: Skull Island. While his low durability for a big Kaiju was exposed, King Kong’s ingenuity and hand to hand skills helped him claim the win. He was able to think about how to win and did a good job of using the elements around him. I can’t say that Nemo is quite as versatile. He can try to swim away but it will be futile. King Kong wins.

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Jyn Erso vs Nemo

This is a tribute to Rogue One. Jyn Erso kept her composure during Rogue One and while she was roped along in the end, she put up a lot of resistance the whole way. She took down a lot of troopers along the way and never lost her spark. Nemo is a cool little fish in his own right, but he definitely does panic quite a lot. He doesn’t have the same fortitude that she possesses and that will come back to haunt him. A quick blaster shot should do the trick. Jyn Erso wins.

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Spirit (Horse) vs Nemo

This is a tribute to the Spirit. Spirit is a really tough Stallion who never backs down without a fight. He has a lot of courage and has developed a lot of muscle over the years. I had a feeling he would be a good character before I saw the film, but I was still surprised at just how good. It’s hard to see Nemo doing much here since one stomp would end it all. Nemo’s got heart, but it’ll take a lot more than that to win this round. Spirit wins.

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Jason Bourne vs Nemo

This is a tribute to the latest Jason Bourne film. He is still one of the cooler agents out there and Bourne is an exceptional fighter. At this point, it is hard to see him lose in a fair fight to just about any other human in the series. Future films will have to bring in more super soldiers to take this guy down. I’m afraid that Nemo is no super soldier so he is doomed here. Jason Bourne wins.