Lisa Huang vs Hikari Sakishima

Hikari returns for another match but this time he’s up against a fighter who has real combat experience. Lisa should be able to quickly outmaneuver Hikari in a battle. He just won’t be able to do much of anything against someone who has muscle memory from one of the top assassins back in the day. He would at the very least need some kind of weapon in order to mount a comeback. Lisa Huang wins.

Hikari Sakishima vs Nemo

Nemo is back again? Well at least this time the match does make a bit of sense though. See, Nemo and Hikari are both aqua type fighters but at the end of the day Nemo doesn’t have any real special abilities to try and put him ahead in this round. So his loss to Hikari is all but assured as he doesn’t really have a way to defend himself. A single good punch should take him down for the count and there’s just no getting back from that. Hikari Sakishima wins.