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Mr Freeze vs Elsa

Suggested by Kaiju115 Elsa has grown more accustomed to using her abilities and did a fair job of stopping her attackers considering that she had no prior training. That being said, Mr Freeze is very experienced with his freeze gun and would have a tactical advantage over Elsa. A Frozen sequel could potentially change things as a mild power up is all that Elsa would need, but at the moment she simply isn’t ready to handle such a veteran. Mr Freeze wins.

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Ned Ryerson vs Elsa

GroundhogDay (1)
This is a tribute to the Frozen special which takes place after the movie. Elsa proves once again that she is a very heroic character who will help others out even if she isn’t feeling well at the moment. Ned Ryerson is a likable character in his own right from Groundhog Day and he really stole the show, but it’s not enough to win this round. His nickname may be Needlenose Ned, but that doesn’t mean that he will be able to pierce through Elsa’s ice abilities. Elsa wins.

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Elsa vs Ike

Are you familiar with the chant “We Like Ike!?” Well, it’s a pretty epic one that plays whenever Ike is doing well in Super Smash Bros. That’s why you will hear it pretty often as his punishing fire attacks will really take Elsa down a few pegs. Elsa has some good ice magic at her disposal, but I’ve always believed that a good fire attack can easily overpower a good ice blast. Fire is still the strongest element out there and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. It’s simply too awesome! Ike wins.

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Elsa vs Asura

Elsa is back, but she’s up against a guy who can easily break whole planets. I don’t see how Elsa can pull a win here and she loses yet again. With great popularity also comes a great amount of enemies so it is not surprising that Elsa has been in many tough matchups. We shall have to see if the sequel helps to elevate her through the blog ranks or if it will merely delay the inevitable. Asura wins.

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Dormammu vs Elsa

Elsa has had a tough time in her last matches and that won’t change here as she goes up against the powerful Dormammu. Dormammu is a tough fighter who doesn’t go down easily. His incredible size and strength is matched only by his raw power. Elsa’s ice abilities wouldn’t last long against such a foe and she must take yet another defeat. Dormammu wins.

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Elsa vs Surtur

Elsa is up against another fire villain and that means that she will have to obtain another loss. Surtur is simply too powerful at this point and while Elsa may be a cool character, (Literally) she doesn’t have the feats needed to defeat Surtur. Surtur has gotten a win just in time for Thor 3 and he may have some for some more before the film comes out. Surtur wins.

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Elsa vs Mephisto

Elsa is a powerful ice user, but ice is not the best attribute against Mephisto. Mephisto also has much more battle experience under his belt, which gives him a pretty decent edge. Elsa may grow stronger in the Frozen sequel coming up, but at this point, I don’t see her being able to take Mephisto down for the count. The demon lord is simply too powerful. Mephisto wins.

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Elisa vs Elsa

It’s a battle of snow related characters in this round and Elisa gets to make her mark on the blog. Unfortunately for fans of the Jack Frost special, she won’t be able to take down Elsa. Elsa has actual powers at her disposal and a quick ice blast should be enough to take Elisa down for the count. Elisa is strong, but she has no real powers and that puts her at a disadvantage. Elsa wins.

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Elsa vs Rukia

Elsa has ice abilities and she’s a powerful fighter, but she won’t be able to defeat Rukia. Rukia is a very quick fighter and her sword skills are exceptional. Elsa’s ice blasts won’t be able to hit Rukia due to her speed and Elsa’s durability won’t be able to stop Rukia’s sword swingd. No matter how you look at it…Rukia takes this match. Rukia wins.

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Elsa vs One Above All

This is a tribute to Frozen! Elsa is pretty skilled in the user of her powers and I’m confident that she would be able to quickly defeat the One Above All. The One Above All may be a being of nearly limitless ability, but Elsa has experience on her side. Her powers can only get stronger as she participates in more battles. A quick ice blast should end this. Elsa wins.