Mr Freeze vs Hawkman

Suggested by Sonic Mr Freeze has always been a fun villain. I like his ice gimmick and the guy has quite the tragic backstory. That said, I don’t think this will be enough to beat Hawkman. I may not like this hero very much but the guy does have super strength and flight. It shouldn’t be hard to dodge Mr Freeze’s attacks and then launch a counter right at the end. Freeze doesn’t have the durability to endure that. Hawkman wins.

Batgirl (Cassandra) vs Mr Freeze

Suggested by Sonic Cassandra is probably the most powerful of the various Batgirls. She has been able to hold her own against foes like Lady Shiva. Her physical stats are all basically superhuman. While it’s true that taking a direct hit from Mr Freeze could end up being fatal, he won’t be able to tag her. She has been dodging enemy attacks for ages and her gadgets will deal him heavy damage. Freeze has had several free gun upgrades over the years but nothing massive enough to defeat her. Batgirl (Cassandra) wins.

Mr Freeze vs Elsa

Suggested by Kaiju115 Elsa has grown more accustomed to using her abilities and did a fair job of stopping her attackers considering that she had no prior training. That being said, Mr Freeze is very experienced with his freeze gun and would have a tactical advantage over Elsa. A Frozen sequel could potentially change things as a mild power up is all that Elsa would need, but at the moment she simply isn’t ready to handle such a veteran. Mr Freeze wins.

Mr Freeze vs Vanessa Z

Mr Freeze has his handy Freeze gun, but I think Vanessa Z has this. She has many suits that come with heightened defense systems and she can spam her various beam attacks. Not to mention that Vanessa Z is more athletic than Mr Freeze and should be able to dodge his ice attacks easy enough. Vanessa Z wins.

Human Torch vs Mr Freeze

Human Torch is back and this time he’s up against Mr Freeze. Mr Freeze has his ice gun, but I’m gonna be direct on this. An ice gun can’t stop a Supernova. Human Torch can fly around Mr Freeze and take him out old school. Mr Freeze just couldn’t stop him this time. Mr Freeze drops down the ranks. Human Torch wins.

Mr Freeze vs Batman

Mr Freeze is a tough foe and has used his ice skills to fight Batman for a long time. These two are rivals for life and will keep on fighting each other for the rest of their lives. Mr Freeze is deadly, but that’s only if he can freeze Batman.

Batman has a GL ring and a fire gun, both of which can help protect him from Mr Freeze. So in this match Batman takes the win. Mr Freeze just couldn’t defeat someone as powerful as Batman. Batman gets yet another win with this match. Batman wins.